42 thousand jobs to be created in Andijan region

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At the meeting in Andijan, measures on creating new enterprises and jobs in the region were discussed.
This year, it is planned to use 7 trillion UZS of investments and create 42 thousand jobs within the framework of 789 projects.
13 projects worth $106 million will be implemented in the textile industry, the level of yarn processing will reach 78 percent, export will be provided for $278 million.
It is planned to launch production of import-substituting products worth $106 million in 2020-2021 as a result of implementing 74 projects in the construction materials industry.
353 billion UZS of loans and 20 million dollars from the Fund for Reconstruction and Development are planned to be allocated to support family entrepreneurship in the region.
The Head of the state gave instructions on the efficient use of vacant buildings, the accelerated development of agriculture, the broad and targeted training of the population in more than 60 types of professions, the income from which will not be taxed.

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