Association of gastronomic tourism established in Uzbekistan

On 6 August, the Association of gastronomic tourism of Uzbekistan opened its doors. The event dedicated to this event was held in the conference hall of the Association of chefs of Uzbekistan with the participation of representatives of ministries and departments of the Republic, as well as the media of the country.

The purpose of the Association is to organize various events in the field of gastronomic tourism, including exhibitions, festivals, forums, seminars, scientific conferences, round tables, competitions and other events dedicated to the gastronomic history of Uzbek cuisine, as well as the implementation of various projects that contribute to the development of tourism.

According to officials, in order to extend the tourist season in the country, the Association will regularly hold the international festival of national cuisine “Lazzat Uzbekistan” in November each year, attract international travel agencies and organize regional gastronomic tours throughout Uzbekistan.

In addition, members of the Association will be awarded in such categories as “Best restaurant of the year”, “Waitress of the year”, “Best restaurant Manager”, “Chef of the year”. “Uzbek cuisine is one of the main attractions of our country for foreign tourists. The activity of the Gastronomic Association also provides for the creation and promotion of gastronomic brands of Uzbekistan”, – said the Chairman of the Association Gulnoza Odilova.

According to her, a Museum of Uzbek national gastronomy will be created in Uzbekistan, which will provide a comprehensive presentation of Uzbek national cuisine and its history for foreign tourists. The Museum will also hold international scientific conferences and presentations for travel agencies of the country.

During the opening ceremony, the Association told about its purpose, activities and conditions of membership, as well as provided information about restaurants, cafes, catering enterprises of the Republic.

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