Business will become a partner of the state in development of culture

Specific forms of business assistance to the important affair of development of culture and art in the country are approved by the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures of creating conditions for the development of public-private partnership in the sphere of culture and art” of August 1, 2018.
Today there are 37 theaters, 92 museums, 894 culture and leisure centers, 242 culture and recreation centers, 325 education institutions, 14 libraries for blind, 7,476 cultural heritage sites, 4 art galleries and 4 zoos in the profile ministry system.
Unfortunately, the analysis showed that these objects are now in an extremely neglected state, and the work on their construction and repair, equipping, improvement of the surrounding area does not meet the requirements.
The head of the country signed a resolution, which fixed measures on creating conditions for development of public-private partnership in the sphere of culture and art.
First of all, the document approved specific forms of public-private partnership, which must be implemented everywhere.
Implementation of zero-cost empty public facilities, provision for up to 30 years of unused buildings at a “zero” rental rate and many other forms approved by the government is also envisaged.
According to the Information and Analytical Multimedia Center of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the document established that the entrepreneur, depending on the form of partnership might be imposed investment obligations. Partners from among entrepreneurs will be chosen based on competition.
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