The Embassy of our country in India with the representative office of the National Air Company «O’zbekiston Havo Yo’llari» in Delhi has organized the publication of the illustrated material devoted to the tourism potential of Uzbekistan in one of the leading tourism journal “TravTalk”.

The colorful photo essay reflects various aspects of Uzbek culture, as well as the modern tourist opportunities of our country.

Photo report is accompanied by information material which emphasizes that Uzbekistan is located in the heart of the Great Silk Road, attracting tourists from all over the world, offering them an amazing world of historical architectural ensembles, beautiful nature and magnificent recreation areas, bright traditions, delicious cuisine and fruits.

As it is noted in the material, the dynamism in modern cities of Uzbekistan offers tourists a wave of positive emotions and vivid impressions. The hospitality of the Uzbek people, comfortable hotels and high-speed trains make traveling in Uzbekistan a great pleasure. In this regard, TravTalk recommends visiting Uzbekistan and «enjoy the beauty of the pearl of the East».

Jahon Information Agency

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