Eid al-Adha greeting message to the people of Uzbekistan

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Dear compatriots!
I would like to sincerely congratulate all the Muslims of our country on the blessed holiday of Qurban Hayit (Eid al-Adha), which we are very pleased to celebrate with the entire Muslim Ummah, and express my very best wishes.
For centuries, this holiday has been attached special significance in the spiritual life of our people by bolstering the atmosphere of compassion, generosity and mutual respect in society.
Naturally, enjoying such a bright festival, we first of all thank the Almighty for the current peaceful and prosperous days.
As you well know, Uzbekistan has placed great emphasis in recent years to the revival and enhancement of national and religious values as well as to securing freedom of religion, which further strengthens friendship, harmony and understanding among representatives of diverse ethnic groups living in the country. Of particular attention have been the targeted efforts directed at widespread informing about the enormous contribution of the Uzbek people to the development of Islamic civilization and culture, about the profound study of the academic and spiritual legacy of our great ancestors, the improvement of shrines, and they have received extensive support from domestic and foreign public.
Thanks to the new conditions and opportunities being created, more than 7 thousand of our compatriots are performing Hajj to the Holy Mecca these days. In their prayers, they thank the Almighty for the peaceful and free life in our country, and ask for further prosperity of the Motherland.
Congratulating all our pilgrims with all my heart, I wish them sound health and wellbeing. I am convinced that by example, by active social involvement, they will make proper contribution to nurturing the younger generation in the spirit of humanism, honesty and kindness, and personalities devoted to their native Uzbekistan.
On this joyful day, we greet the peoples of all Muslim countries of the near and far abroad, our friends and partners, and wish them peace and progress.
Dear compatriots!
The wide celebration in our country of Qurban Hayit just ahead of Independence Day inspires all of us even more.
These days, the generosity, benevolence and mercy inherent in our people are especially vividly manifest, along with such good deeds as improvement of the places of worship and selfless care for low-income families, disabled individuals, single elderly people, by rendering them material and moral support.
The reforms we carry out in all spheres of life, aimed at affirming the priority of human interests in society, the rule of law and justice, are consonant with the humanistic values of our sacred religion, Islam, and we are rightfully proud of our great spiritual heritage.
Dear compatriots!
I sincerely congratulate you again on the holiday of Qurban Hayit.
May the kindness of the Almighty and the desire for noble deeds live in the heart of every one of us!
May peace and harmony always reign in every family, in our entire nation!
May the Almighty protect our people, help us in all our good undertakings!

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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