From 10 to 16 October the Euronews TV channel broadcasts a next reportage from series of program “Postcards from Uzbekistan”, dedicated to one of the most interesting places in Samarkand – Siab bazaar (market).

Introducing the European audience with the features of this market, of Euronews correspondent notes that it is one of the oldest bazaars not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the whole Central Asia. As the journalist reports, Siab bazaar, which exists more than two thousand years, served as one of the main destinations on the Silk Road.

As highlighted in the TV-show, the market almost never sleeps. Trade here begins even before the first rays of the sun and ends at late night. It is reported that this market is important for local residents, as well as merchants and craftsmen who for centuries do not give old traditions fade away.

“Today the market is a typical part of the daily life of the local population. Tourists, crossing its threshold, enter the fairy-tale atmosphere: here, as a century ago, juicy fruits and spices are sold, people trade and hasten”- said in the reportage.

The program focuses on the famous Samarkand bread that is baked from local flour by an ancient recipe. People come from far away to purchase Samarkand bread.

In October, Euronews will introduce two new reportages from the series of “Postcards from Uzbekistan”, dedicated to the cultural heritage and tourist sights of Samarkand.

The reel about Siab bazaar can be watched on the TV channel according to the following schedule:


Airing date Tashkent time Monday, European Time

10 October 2016


11 October 2016

01:54; 15:20; 21:49; 23:54 12:20; 18:49; 20:54

12 October 2016

04:55; 18:18 01:55; 15:18

13 October 2016

14:18; 17:14 11:18; 14:14

14 October 2016

10:41; 19:20 07:41; 16:20

15 October 2016

08:17; 12:14; 16:43 05:17; 09:14; 13:43

16 October 2016

05:17; 20:19 02:17; 17:19


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