An open dialogue with the people, conducted meetings with business entities have revealed a number of remaining shortcomings in the system of licensing and permitting procedures, access to engineering-communication networks. These circumstances have a negative influence on the effective organization of public services through the “one window” principle.

Business entities still have to apply to different state structures and authorities to launch their activity, while there is a lack of efficiency in using modern information and communication technologies in the process of issuing licenses and permits, the majority of public services. Unfortunately, all of these documentations are still issued in a traditional way, i.e. in paper form.

As international experience shows, such institutions as the centers of “one window”, play an important role in ensuring accessibility and transparency of public services, improving the efficiency of activities of state bodies for the timely assistance to entrepreneurial structures.

Following problems and proposals raised by businesses, the result of studies, it was decided to adopt a new government act “On additional measures on improvement of mechanisms of rendering state services to business entities”.

The resolution provides measures against red tape, bureaucracy and formalism in the process of providing public services to entrepreneurial structures, dramatically improving their quality and efficiency through the extensive use of modern information and communication technologies.

According to the document, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been determined as the authorized body performing general management of “one window” centers.

The Office established for this purpose under the Ministry shall carry out the coordination and development of public services.

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