Presidents visit the Ichan-Kala complex in Khiva

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President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, accompanied by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, visited historical monuments in the Ichan-Kala complex.

A remarkable feature of Ichan-Kala is that there are not only more than 120 architectural monuments here, but also the population living in this ancient part of the city. Therefore, the city is called an open-air museum.

Khiva was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List on December 12, 1990. In 1997, the city celebrated its 2500th anniversary. In 2020, it was declared the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World by an international organization.

The heads of state entered the complex through the main gate Ata-Darvaza and visited the Kalta-Minar, Kunya-Ark and Toshovli palaces. Surahs from the Quran and dua were recited in the mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmoud and the Friday Mosque.

The stories about the history of Khorezm, its contribution to the development of science, the rich culture and art of the region made an unforgettable impression on the guests.

Thereupon, the official visit of the President of Tajikistan to Uzbekistan has ended.


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