Shavkat Mirziyoyev talks with local residents returning to their homes

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The Head of the state yesterday visited flood-affected settlements and instructed to clean up the territory, restore infrastructure and create conditions for the population.
Accelerated work is carried out in this direction by the coordinated actions of the ministries of Emergency Situations, Defense, Water Resources, as well as law enforcement agencies, construction and repair organizations, and local authorities. The waste generated as a result of the flood is removed, the territory is disinfected. Water is pumped out using fire engines. Roads are opening, engineering and communications networks are being restored.
Families in some makhallas began returning to their homes. Elsewhere, work on clearing is in full swing. In the near future, necessary conditions will be created there and life will be back to normal.
The President visited Kurgantepa makhalla in Sardoba district. Members of the Government Commission reported on the measures taken.

There are 530 houses in this settlement and 4200 people live here. It was the first to face the flood. Residents were quickly evacuated to safe districts.
Thanks to large-scale work, which involved large forces and numerous equipment, military personnel and employees of other services, the consequences of the disaster were eliminated and people began returning homes.
The Head of the state entered one of the houses and inquired about the affairs of the owners. The President once again emphasized that all of them will be provided with material and moral support, no one will be left without attention and care.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked with the residents of the makhalla who returned to their native places.

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