Uzbekistan plans to build numerous small mosques along roads and streets across the country of 30 million. According to a senior imam in the capital, Tashkent, ‘mini-mosques’ will be built to help practicing Muslims pray five times a day.

An official in the government’s Committee on Religions told Radio Liberty the mosques would also meet the needs of tourists from Islamic countries, adding that if there were requests, similar small prayer buildings would be built for people of other faiths.

The official said that that 22 ‘mini-mosques’ will be built soon in the capital, Tashkent. Also in order to attract more tourists from mainly Muslim countries, up to 10 percent of hotels in Uzbekistan will provide Korans in their rooms in the near future.

During the tenure of late President Islam Karimov, the activities of Muslims in the country with deep

Islamic roots were very restricted.

Source: Business Central Asia

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