Steps identified to ease lockdown requirements

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has chaired a video session on industrial development in the regions.
While opening the event, the head of state touched on the situation around the coronavirus pandemic in the country. In particular, as it was noted, over the past month the number of beds and respiratory support devices has increased significantly across the nation, treatment methods have been updated, and the work of the ambulance service been strengthened. As a result, the COVID-19 recovery rate increased from 59 to 77 percent. Although the number of infection cases has exceeded 32 thousand, more than 25 thousand patients have recovered, 7 thousand are currently treated.
“We need to gradually phase out the lockdown requirements in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the economic and social spheres, to ease the living conditions of the population, while not weakening the struggle for the health and lives of our citizens. This is the request of the population,” the President stated.

With this in mind, Shavkat Mirziyoyev indicated that from August 15, unrestricted movement of vehicles, local air and rail communications should be allowed for sanatoria, boarding houses, hotels, museums, children’s summer camps, beauty salons, hairdressers, public catering facilities in the open air will also open. It will be possible to hold family events at home, with the participation of no more than 30 persons and in compliance with established requirements.
From August 17, it is planned to resume the movement of vehicles among regions, the activity of public transport (except for the metro), including suburban buses.
Clothing markets and those of construction materials, large stores, gyms, fitness clubs and swimming pools can operate from August 20.
The Republican Commission was tasked with defining clear-cut rules for work within the framework of sanitary requirements for each type of activity. The head of our state instructed to simplify the procedure for placing on quarantine and its undergoing by persons arriving from countries with stable epidemiological situation, to create rehabilitation centers for pneumonia patients.
The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service has been ordered to arrange systematic analysis for antibodies in order to monitor the formation of collective immunity.
Special attention was paid to the importance of producing cultural, educational, entertainment broadcasts on television and radio, theater plays, motion pictures, concert shows and other events, abiding by social distancing rules.
“While softening the shutdown, we all must adhere to the requirements of social distancing, mask wearing, disinfection and other sanitary and hygienic rules,” the President stressed. “One should avoid the errors made earlier. We all have accumulated considerable experience. Our people, who endured a lot in the past, are showing great courage and heroism, a high medical culture. Observing iron discipline, with perseverance and patience, we will surely overcome these trials. I am convinced in that”.

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