The mosque worth bearing the name of Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf

  • Tashkent city, during the holy month – Ramadan – welcomed the opening of new mosque complex named after Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf, which also features the education center.

The complex, built by the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan ShavkatMirziyoyev features the mosque, equipped to fit 2 thousand people as well as the conference hall, museum, library, mausoleum, ablution room and more. Landscaping and gardening works have been maintained. There is also the fountain on the territory of complex.

During the opening ceremony, President ShavkatMirziyoyev noted that this mosque is worth bearing the name of Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf. Besides, he suggested few recommendations, which include studying Sheikh’s scientific heritage, extending the release of books on educational and spiritual topics and strengthening spiritual environment in our society.

Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf was born in 1952 in Andijan region. He was educated at “Mir Arab” madrasah in Bukhara and Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam al-Bukhari. In 1976 he continued his education at the University of “al-DawatulIslamiyya” in Tripoli (Libya) and graduated in 1980.

From 1981 he worked as a teacher at the Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam al-Bukhari. A year later, he was assigned as a deputy rector and in 1984 he became the rector of his alma mater. On February 6, 1989, during the conference of Muslims from Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf was selected as the Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan and was proclaimed a mufti.

As mufti he conducted a wide range of international activities. He was able to establish and develop cultural relations with the number of Islamic countries. Sheikh was widely respected among Muslims across the globe. The representative of Uzbekistan was the member of Executive committee of International Union of Muslim Scholars, The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought of Jordan and other well-known international organizations.

Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf wrote more than 100 books on various religious and spiritual topics. He had a profound impact on the promotion of enlightened thought in the Muslim world, increase of knowledge and peoples’ spirit.

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