The Uzinfocom Center has launched a portal designed for the study of foreign languages (only English so far) in an enthralling interactive form.

This service is yet a unique one in Uznet. Materials are presented in the form of topical lessons from Elementary up to Pre-Intermediate levels. Each lesson requires learning new words, do some exercises for consolidating new words and phrases, listen to a dialogue, fill in missing fields, watch a video and write a text. After studying all lessons, one can not only write correctly but also speak English.

72 lessons have been prepared for the launch of this service and their number will continuously increase. The site can also help check the correct pronunciation. After pronunciation of a word or a phrase by the user, the system automatically compares the “heard” the word or the phrase with the original and produces the result. The user is awarded points in the process of study of new topics for correctly performed exercises.

The adaptive structure provides an opportunity to use the service on a tablet or phone, including the opportunity to check the pronunciation of English words and whole phrases.

There is also a possibility to create one’s own courses or lessons – a special function has been set for that.

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