To equip scientific institutions with equipment in the next four years will allocate more than $ 32.2 million

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on measures to further strengthen the infrastructure of scientific research institutions and develop innovative activities.

According to the document, the program of comprehensive measures for 2017-2021 is planned to strengthen the infrastructure of scientific research institutions and the development of innovative activities. For this purpose, the government implements more than 40 events in six areas of development of the sphere of science and innovation.

Within the framework of these measures, it is planned to carry out repair and restoration works in more than 30 and equipping 40 scientific research institutions with modern scientific laboratories, instruments and equipment. In this case, the costs for providing scientific laboratories with expendable materials and reagents are separately provided.

In total, in the period from 2018 to 2021, more than 116 billion soums will be allocated for the reconstruction and overhaul of buildings and structures of scientific research institutions, and over $ 32.2 million will be provided for equipping and providing the necessary components, consumables and reagents.

To create conditions for involving young people in the field of research, measures are envisaged for the practical implementation of the procedure for allocating target quotas for doctoral studies, as well as for increasing the academic mobility of scientific personnel and strengthening mechanisms for supporting their scientific achievements.

It is also envisaged to implement measures to further deepen the integration of scientific activities and educational process, actively involve scientists and specialists of research institutions in the educational process of universities, introduce the procedure for preliminary defense of master’s dissertations in institutions of practical training.

Another important block of practical measures is aimed at raising the level of research carried out by the scientific institutions of the republic, expanding their access to the world’s scientific information bases. In order to effectively use the scientific potential of both existing and newly created scientific laboratories of research institutions, measures are envisaged to introduce the mechanism of collective use of scientific and laboratory equipment by research and higher educational institutions.

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