Uzbekistan’s National University in the World Green University Rankings

World scientists claim that since the 60s of the XX century, environmental problems have become global and concern all countries of the world, without exception. One of the ways to solve these problems, namely, ways of rational water and electricity management, proper waste disposal, is shown and presented by higher education institutions of the world. In addition, the success of these education institutions is monitored by the GreenMetric World University Rankings, initiated by the University of Indonesia (UI) in 2010. On December 3 this year, the next list of the best green universities was published.
Uzbekistan has once again confirmed that it is not indifferent to the prevention of environmental problems and is actively involved in this process. In particular, in GreenMetric 2019, the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, as the only representative from Uzbekistan, ranked 374th among 780 universities from 85 countries and showed its commitment to development of environmentally friendly infrastructure. Moreover, according to the Transportation parameter, which takes into account the number of vehicles owned by the university, the university’s policy regarding transport, its use and organization of pedestrian traffic, NUUz ranks the 38th in the world.
Uzbekistan is taking part in this kind of ranking for the first time. The assessment of the environmental friendliness of universities was carried out according to such parameters as infrastructure, energy consumption, climate parameters, waste management, water consumption, transportation and education.

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