Uzbekneftegaz JSC launches a new project with the assistance of Ernst and Young

Uzbekneftegaz JSC jointly with Ernst and Young (E&Y), international consulting company, is implementing a project to improve operational efficiency and reliability of the production process of Uzbekneftegaz JSC.
The project was initiated by Uzbekneftegaz JSC, within the framework of the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures for stable provision of the economy and population with energy resources, financial recovery and improvement of management system of oil and gas industry” and the company’s transformation program.
The project will be implemented in stages, throughout three key areas of the company’s activities – hydrocarbon production, processing and in-field transportation.
The project will be directly implemented in such company’s major divisions as Andijan, Mubarek, Shurtan, Gazli oil and gas production and Ustyurt gas production directorates, Mubarek Gas Processing Plant, Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, as well as Bukhara and Chinaz oil refineries.
The project objectives are: increase well utilization rate, efficiency of maintenance and repair system, reduce cost of repairs, increase overhaul period, reduce losses during transportation of hydrocarbons, and upgrade the loading coefficient of pipelines.
The management of Uzbekneftegaz JSC envisages development and implementation of effective enterprise management system, formation of a combined strategy of maintenance and support service, as well as implementation of import substitution program. This, in turn, will lead to further development of Uzbekistan’s business, creation of new jobs in the country and increase in the company’s social records.
In addition, E&Y will train employees of Uzbekneftegaz JSC in target model of processes to be implemented. This knowledge will become an important basic element of the company’s development in the future, which will speed up the efforts to obtain international credit rating by the company and successful competition with other CIS’s fuel and energy companies, as well as assist in establishing a unified technical policy.

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