Andijan launched production of insulin

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A plant for production of insulin began to operate in the village of Khortum of Andijan region. The plant’s production capacity is 10 million insulin bottles per year.

This plant, occupying a territory of 1.5 hectares, is the only one in Central Asia that is specialized in production of insulin, used to treat diabetes mellitus.

Construction and installation work was carried out by a private construction and installation company with the support of “Gulf pharmaceutical industries” company. At the plant, equipped with advanced technologies, employees are provided with all conditions for effective operation.

Andijan launched production of insulin

– This plant was built with the financial support of Andijan branch of our bank, – says Sardor Normukhamedov, chairman of the board of the joint-stock bank “Trustbank”. – A loan worth 14 billion sums was allocated for construction and purchase of imported technologies. This will help expand production of import-substituting products and create new jobs.

Equipment and technology from Germany, France, Switzerland, China and India has been installed in the plant, with a total project cost of more than 28 billion sums. All processes for production of qualitative insulin at the level of international requirements have been completed.

– The plant has capacity of producing 10 million insulin bottles per year, – says Avazbek Nizomov, head of “Zamin Bio Health” LLC. – 30 percent of products will be directed to meet the needs of domestic market, the rest, that is, annual output worth $2 million, will be exported to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Khokim of Andijan region Sh.Abdurakhmanov delivered a speech at the event.

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