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Uzbekistan has an incredibly wide range of collections of museum exhibits, which are unique works of art, as well as wonders of architecture, the value of which is very difficult to assess. Many of the popular museums known to a wide audience are of considerable age and have been operating in the country for more than a hundred years.
In all museums of Uzbekistan, millions of fascinating and interesting exhibits are exhibited for public viewing, among which there are many world-famous and valuable masterpieces of art dating back to periods of time from ancient civilizations to the present day, and hundreds of millions of exhibits are stored in the funds of all museums in the country, which are very are of interest to every connoisseur of history and it is expected that many of them will be available to the public in the near future.
These museum exhibits belong to the fields of culture, poetry, trade, science and history of the peoples of Central Asia from different historical periods.
Products of folk arts and crafts, valuable manuscripts, musical instruments, as well as numismatic items, ethnographic relics and archaeological finds and artifacts are priceless works of art and a rich cultural heritage of the Uzbek people, which everyone can look at just by visiting any of the hundreds of museums in the country.
There are museums in Uzbekistan: history, ecology, nature, natural sciences, arts, local history, geological, archaeological, transport, technical, military, scientific, literary, memorial, art galleries, museums of the settlement, house museums and, of course, open-air museums.
In the museums of Uzbekistan there are many stands with the works of ancient masters, full of artistic treasures and antiquities of all eras, exceptional collections of exhibits, which are an invaluable cultural and artistic heritage that reflect the life, life, history and art, as well as the work and deeds of great people who lived on the territory of Central Asia and left a mark on the history of both the region and the whole world, which testifies to the rich and vibrant historical past of the country, which can be studied in detail during museum excursions.