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December 23, 2015

300 points in one game


It is a personal record of Tashkent bowler Bekzod Tuhtaniyazov. Sniper achievement was demonstrated in the final of the international tournament “Almati Open-2015” on bowling, which was attended by representatives of more than thirty representatives of teams from Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Bekzod’s victory all the more significant that among his opponents were champions and winners of several prestigious championships of Europe and Asia. Moreover, Tuhtaniyazov proved that it is no coincidence that he won the open championship of Almaty in the previous stage in October. Acknowledged master is a two-time winner of Uzbekistan Cup and national champion.

The fact that the school of skittles sport is gaining greater credibility in the international arena, evidenced by the fact that in the top ten in “Almati Open” were also our two compatriots – Fazlitdin Mirzhalilov and Mirvohid Soatov. Note that also that last season Bakhtiyor Dalabaev won the top prize at the “Bishkek Open”.