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March 30, 2016

A big exhibition for a big industry


It is not often that Tashkent hosts six international exhibitions at a time. On the one hand, each of them presents its own industry of the real sector; on the other, it is working closely with counterparts at the exposition site. Special devices, chemical equipment, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, automation and other things were demonstrated at a kind of a showcase of achievements of national and international industry.

Industrial enterprises have to be not just manufacturable, but they have to stand at the forefront of innovations, introduce energy-efficient solutions and automate the production processes in order to be successful on the global market. At the same time, the production chain itself must be very flexible, because the progress is very fast and is constantly followed by the fashion for certain products, therefore, there is a need to constantly adjust and upgrade the capacities for the production of new products. Otherwise, manufacturers quickly lose competitive advantages, a niche in the market, consumers, and ultimately nave to be content with a limited range of clients. That is why such exhibition events are extremely important: they help enterprises to establish cooperative relations, to learn about advanced equipment and new technologies.

The participation in the exhibition is a chance to demonstrate new materials, technologies and equipment, an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts, enter the promising market of Uzbekistan for foreign companies, and a space of the Central Asian region and the CIS countries for domestic companies. It contributes to the development of economic and trade cooperation and strengthening of business relationships, allowing for partnerships in the field of scientific research and application of new technologies, foundation of joint ventures and manufactures.

“Our company has been operating in Uzbekistan for more than 20 years. We carry out major projects in mining, metallurgical and chemical industries and other fields. Over the years, we have implemented dozens of big projects with the Uzbek side. The turnkey construction of a smelting furnace at the Almalyk Mining and Smelting Plant is the largest current project. We need to commission the object this September. We are working on several interesting investment projects with the Navoi Mining and Smelting Plant and with the representatives of the chemical industry, including the production of complex fertilizers, a smelting shop, and others,” said the Director of Engineering Dobersek Gmbh Representative Office Hondamir Alimov.

All told, 60 companies from 15 countries joined the exhibition; the share of foreign companies has exceeded 60%. This clearly demonstrates the demand for the latest technologies and equipment in the local market. In 2016 alone, it is planned to implement 164 big investment projects worth more than $5 billion. In general, it is planned to invest $17.3 billion with a growth rate of 9.3% this year in the development, modernization and structural changes, including more than $4 billion of foreign investments.

“Our company entered the market of Uzbekistan last year, but we have big plans ahead. We have established cooperation with the MAN Plant in Samarkand, and now jointly assemble the specialized machinery like concrete pumps. We are responsible for specialized attachments, and the Uzbek side delivers chassis. The vehicles are assembled in Uzbekistan. In the coming years, we plan to significantly increase our presence in the country. Last year we delivered four items of equipment worth more than 4 billion soums, while in the next few years we hope to increase their number by at least thrice. We are also negotiating on the localization of part of our products,” said Sales Director of the South Korean KCP Dilyara Ganieva.

Establishment of cooperative ties with local and foreign partners is another important direction of the domestic real economy. It stimulates the process of continuous technological and technical renovation of production, as well as the constant search for internal reserves, modernization and diversification of the industry.

“This is our first attempt to enter the Uzbek market with our products – car and truck accessories. This direction is well developed in your country, so our products will hopefully be in demand. We have established the production of brake tube for Nexia in Russia, brought samples to Uzbekistan, and hope to find partners. I would like to point out to the nigh level of competition in the local market. It is represented by the leading brands, many of which, like South Korean, set up their own production bases here,” said the Russian TMK Sales Director Chulpan Mukhlisov.