A Bright Embodiment of the Creative Potential of Our People

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May 14, 2015

A Bright Embodiment of the Creative Potential of Our People

A Bright Embodiment of the Creative Potential of Our People


On May 12, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov reviewed the construction and beautification works spearheaded in Tashkent

Wide-ranging creative and improvement works are undertaken in all the regions of Uzbekistan. All this has been transforming cardinally the appearance of our urban centers and rural areas, and helps uplift the living standards of the population even further.

Immense construction and beautification efforts have been in progress under the leadership of President Islam Karimov also in the capital city. Preserving its historical appearance, Tashkent has been renewing and advancing steadily. Such unique facilities as the International Business Center, Uzbekiston Palace of International Forums, the Marifat Markazi Complex, Poytakht Business Center, Bunyodkor Sports Complex, erected on the basis of harmonic synergy of traditions of the national architecture art and those of contemporary solutions in the sphere, have come to be a true adornment of the city. The modern hotels, residential houses, social facilities, roads and bridges, beautiful parks and alleys create favorable conditions for the locals and guests of the capital.


Grand construction and repair works were undertaken in 2013 at the Khadra Square. With the aim of creating comfort and convenience for people and vehicles, the transport underpass linking Furkat Street with Zarkainar and Sebzar streets was reconstructed. As an extension of these endeavors, a new overpass has been built along Sebzar Street.

The President of our country Islam Karimov visited May 12 that modern bridge.

Earlier, two broad roads used to intersect here, which resulted in jams leading to loss of time by drivers, passengers and pedestrians, as well as environmental pollution.

At the initiative of the head of our state, a modern 26 meter-wide and 500 meter-long bridge has been erected here. Abdulla Kadyri Street has been broadened and became a four-lane road in both directions.


The load capacity of Sebzar Street used to be 3,200 autos an hour, and now, as a result of building this six-lane bridge, the indicator has went up to 9,800. The same can be said of Abdulla Kadyri Street, too, where the transportation capacity has risen from an earlier 2,400 cars an hour to 5,600. This diminishes the tension not only on this intersection, but also it will positively effect on the traffic along the Nurafshon, Abai, Almazar, Zulfiyakhonim, Korasaroi, Saghbon, Zarkainar, Navoi, Sakichmon streets.

What is noteworthy about this is that there are no traffic lights here. Both pedestrians and automobiles can move without stops and safely.

The new facility has been built by ToshkentboshplanLITI State Unitary Enterprise and the Kuprikqurilish Trust under Uzbekiston Temir Yullari State Stock Railway Company. State-of-the-art foreign technologies and local-origin construction materials were applied.

Getting familiar with the works undertaken here, the head of our state highly appreciated the labor of road builders and construction workers.

In the past, when we planned to build a facility or bridge, we used to think over and over again as to who to engage to this or that project, Islam Karimov reflected. Erection of a bridge used to take two to three years. Now, a system of modern urban planning and construction has been formed in our country to the fullest extent possible, and we have garnered enough expertise in road and bridge building. Construction of such a modern and magnificent overpass within eight months is indicative of the dynamically development rates of our country and the high accomplishments being made by our people.

This time around, another innovation has been introduced into Uzbekistan’s road construction sector, namely, two covered viaducts, 102 and 111 meters long, respectively, for pedestrians have been built on both sides of the overpass. To ease going up and down escalators and lifts are set up here along with the traditional stairs. Few megalopolises in the world can boast with such modern passageways that envisage all the conveniences for people. The facility has become another practical instance of reverence for senior generation people in our country, of securing human interests.

Construction of another 98-meter long underpass across Sebzar Street has created conditions for safe crossing of the street and exit for all four sides of the intersection.

On the eve of the 23rd anniversary of our Motherland’s independence, President Islam Karimov reviewed the creative works undertaken in these areas and said then that it was essential to broaden Abdulla Kadyri Street and create conditions for pleasant leisure time of people, erect fountains to improve the micro climate.

For the past period, wide-scale efforts have been spearheaded here to beautify and shore up greenery zones. As a result, another splendid area to spend free time and take rest has emerged in the capital city. Planted along the road are chestnut trees, oaks, tulip trees, and basil. That looks like beautiful gardens and well-cared-for yards of our people.

Tree is a living organism. It brings joy to the eye, boosts health, and lifts the mood. Trees should be loved and safeguarded. That kind of endeavors ought to become the work of local residents, all the inhabitants of the capital along with the staff of relevant organizations, the head of our state underscored.

In order to perk up the living conditions of residents of apartment stores, to create conditions for their recreation and leisure, and provide for a micro climate, three fountains were built here, the one by the Abdulla Kadyri Park of Culture and Leisure was reconstructed.

President Islam Karimov chatted with veterans and the youth residing in adjacent houses.

“The people of the old city have for centuries lived in clay-built homes with no conveniences at all in those houses”, Islam Karimov suggested. “Having profoundly studied this issue, we worked out a general plan of building out the old city. In accordance with this plan, new roads and communications are laid, while bridges and fresh housing are erected. Today, one cannot call this part of the capital Old City. In the nearest future this area is going to turn into a modern district, which will be envied.”

As a result of the efforts undertaken to create worthwhile living conditions for population, of the expansion of green zones, our capital is becoming more beautiful and a more convenient place to live. As the eminent British magazine, The Economist, has evaluated, among the 140 cities most favorable for living, Tashkent ranks 58th.

The President of our country expressed his views concerning the further perfection of the appearance of this square, enhancement of the conditions created for people to have rest and recreate, primarily for children. Recommendations were related also to the beautification and green landscaping of these territories.

The new cutting-edge facilities, beautification works, themselves a brilliant embodiment of the creative potential of our people and the dynamic development of the country, serve for the further elevation of the wellbeing and living standards of the population.