A Festival of Friendship and Harmony

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May 15, 2014

A Festival of Friendship and Harmony

Particular significance is attached in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to the further consolidation of interethnic harmony and unity and the atmosphere of magnanimity and mutual respect cemented in our society. Necessary conditions are being created for the representatives of all the ethnic and sub-ethnic groups residing in our country to learn and develop their native languages, values and customs, and culture.

The activity of the National Interethnic Cultural Center, together with its regional branches, founded in 1992 at the initiative of the head of our state constitutes a practical embodiment of this care.

Everything needed is created in Bukhara region for the effective activities of ethnic cultural centers, for the preservation and perpetuation of culture, traditions and values of diverse ethnicities.

Principal goals and objectives of these centers are in the further consolidation of the state of interethnic harmony and openhandedness reigning in our society, in the support for relating social initiatives, in assisting the preservation, development and extensive promotion of ethnic traditions and values. The cultural-enlightenment conferences, meetings and conversation events being held by ethnic cultural centers in a great variety of subject matters facilitate nurturing the youth in the spirit of love for the native land, devotion to ideas of independence.

This was underscored in particular at the festival of friendship under a motto “Uzbekistan a Single Family” organized jointly by the hokimiyat and ethnic cultural centers of Bukhara region within the Year of the Healthy Child.

Currently, representatives of more than 110 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups live in the region as a single family in peace and harmony. Cashing in the rights and freedoms equal for all citizens fixed in the Basic Law, they take an active part in the socio-political life of the country.

“Numerous schools with Kazakh as the language of study operate in Bukhara region. Everything necessary is created for our children to attain knowledge in their native language,” says Gulmira Bekbautova, educator of the children’s music and arts school no.18 in the Karaulbazar district. “A department of Kazakh singing and dancing is established in our school, as is the folklore ethnographic ensemble “Ainur”. We are happy to live in this sacred land in peace and accord with representatives of various ethnic groups. This is the outcome of the wise course being pursued by the President of our country, of the peace and stability reigning in our nation.”

An exhibition took place as part of the event to present national costumes and meals as well as picturesque canvasses dedicated to the friendship of peoples.

A concert show of artistic bands from ethnic cultural centers, of celebrity performers who sang songs glorifying Uzbekistan, friendship, peace, love and youth, afforded those who gathered for the occasion a festive elated mood.