A Festival of Special Significance

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April 28, 2016

A Festival of Special Significance


In the age of globalization and industrial development,  a piece of handmade article is always a value, and even more expensive if it is made under the laws of traditional crafts. Meanwhile, there are many day-fly artisans, who do not follow the tradition and not have their creative style. Their works are not distinguished by high quality and taste, though legally they have the right to manufacture and sell their products. I see scaled educational rallies as one of the most effective solutions to this issue. The identification of true works of traditional art is highly relevant today. Festivals have been contributing to this process to some extent. For example, the UNESCO Office for Uzbekistan in cooperation with local authorities and Hunarmand Association held a festival of traditional textiles Atlas Bayrami in Margilan in September 2015. The followers of the age-old traditional technologies were awarded the UNESCO Award of Excellence, explaining why it was awarded to each certain master.

Akbar Khakimov, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Arts, head of Fine and Applied Arts Department, Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.