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October 13, 2014

A New Service Center

A center of permanent exhibition and retail of goods by Artel and services has opened in Tashkent. Investments totaling 6.5 billion soums were drawn for this project, and around 180 jobs have been created.


At the official event that took place on this occasion, Deputy Chairman of Uzeltekhsanoat Stock Company J.Ismoilov and other speakers noted that owing to the attention paid by President Islam Karimov to the development of manufacturing industry, to the promotion of its high-tech sectors, a localization program has been consistently implemented to produce final goods, components and materiel.

The creation of an environment conducive for business and investment has been allowing for successful realization of prospective projects. As a result, the industry has been progressing dynamically, and production of new types of goods is being shored up. Growing are the volumes of supplies of foods, apparel, home appliances under the brand Made in Uzbekistan to the domestic and external markets. In particular, in the first half of this year, the manufacturing of dozens of product types like electric ovens, gas and electric stoves, air conditioners has been localized. This has resulted in the supply of goods for the sum total of 1.2 trillion soums, while the efficiency of import substitution exceeded 500 million US dollars.

Home appliances under the Artel brand meets the requirements of customers, thus they have enjoyed great demand in the internal market.

It is worth noting in particular that the company offers the consumers a great diversity of household devices that is easy to manage and effective in fulfilling the functions it is tasked with. For the past period of this year, manufacture of seven types of freezers of various trademarks and capacities has been launched. In addition, smartphones and mobile phones of diverse configurations are produced there.

According to the director of Artel Service Center Farhod Adhamov, the quality, efficiency, convenience and reasonable prices of their goods help secure their competitiveness. Customers appreciate that the warrantee period of the purchased product is three years and it implies after-sales service. Thus the demand for these goods has been growing.

Currently, administrative capitals of provinces have service centers of the company with specially equipped modern automobiles. At the new center launched in the Bektemir District of the capital Tashkent, a customer service center operating round the clock has been opened to ensure speedy and qualitative execution of orders. An independently working laboratory has been established here, too.

Manufactured in Uzbekistan under the Artel brand, the competitive home appliances of modern design and high capacity serve for bolstering the wellbeing of the people by meeting the consumer demand and lowering the prime cost of products.