About 100 people get jobs

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December 2, 2017

About 100 people get jobs

The prosecutor’s office, hokimiyat (governorate) and the internal affairs department of the Termez district of Surhondaryo region have jointly arranged a job fair for unemployed people with previous convictions, those who returned after doing time in correctional facilities and other jobless people.

In the job fair, 38 enterprises and establishments in the district participated with 377 vacancies.

It was said at the event that work being done in this country in such spheres as social protection, job creation and the prevention of offences was giving weighty results.

“There have been cases of jobless people committing offences. Among them are people with previous convictions. During this event, which was timed to coincide with the law violations prevention day, about 100 unemployed people with previous convictions familiarised themselves with existing vacancies and were able to choose decent jobs. This will be an important factor in preventing offences among jobless people,” says A.Holiyorov, deputy prosecutor of Termez district.

At the job fair, many people got documents for job placement at the Termez inter-district agro-chemical branch and the Shingdong spinning Termiz joint venture.

More than 30 people were provided with recommendations for employment.

“I spent a lot of time searching for a suitable position. I got a job during today’s job fair. I like its pay and working conditions,” says an inhabitant of the “Orol’ neighbourhood, S.Turdimurodov.