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November 13, 2019


On November 12, 2019, a regular meeting of the CEC was held. It was attended by the members of the Central Election Commission, political parties, and mass media. The agenda included several issues as: information from the hokim of the Tashkent city and the chairman of the election commission of the Tashkent city on preparatory work for the elections, issues of equipping polling stations with communications, as well as information from the Ministry for the development of information technologies and communications on the formation of the SELV (Single Electronic List of Voters).

They also discussed issues related to agitation during the election campaign, candidates for deputies to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and local kengashes, the results of the study of candidates documents submitted by political parties for deputies. In addition, the level of preparation of the Bukhara regional department of the International Press Center was examined.

In order to hold the elections, 12 district election commissions were formed in Tashkent.  For conducting elections to the city kengashes, 60 districts EC and 327 EC were formed for conducting elections to district kengashes people’s deputies. In accordance with the decision of the CEC, all 53 polling stations formed at diplomatic missions and consular posts of Uzbekistan in foreign countries will be attached to 12 DEC located in the capital city.

A study of the situation showed that the Internet is still not functioning in the buildings of the district commissions, in the 46 buildings repair works are underway, and new buildings need to be allocated for them. In addition, members of the election commissions did not participate in the training seminar on the study of information system management of the electoral process.

Until today, except from Sergeli, Yashnabad, Uchtepa districts, the rest of the districts have not submitted the decisions of the district councils of people’s deputies to the district commissions. In order to determine the number of voters, repeat census of population is under way in Tashkent. All of the above facts indicate the need to create appropriate conditions for the effective operation of the polling stations, the formation of voter lists and especially its electronic version in the shortest period of time.

It should be noted that according to the Presidential decree “On measures to introduce modern information and communication technologies in the electoral process”, the Unified Electronic Voter List and the electoral process information management system are formed. These processes are in their final stages. The Central Election Commission provides overall guidance and coordination for the use of the ISMEP (Information System of Management on Electoral Process) and the SELV (Single Electronic List of Voters) throughout the territory. The Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications provides a unified technological approach for the effective use of the system in the field. On the basis of the SELV, an information system for managing the electoral process was formed. This will significantly facilitate the work of precinct election commissions.

On election day, voters after contacting the ISMEP operator, can take the ballot and go to the polling booth to support their candidate. Thus, at the same time, a list of those who participated in the elections is automatically formed. This will ensure the supremacy of the principle of “one voter, one vote”, and will not allow one member of the family to vote for the whole family. During the meeting, the issue of pre-election campaigning of candidates for deputies and political parties was specifically considered.

Pre-election campaigning is an activity carried out during an election campaign and aimed at encouraging voters to vote for a candidate or political party. Campaigning begins on the following day of the last day established for the registration of candidates. Campaigning on election day and the day before the start of voting is not allowed. It is prohibited to combine election campaign with free or privileged delivery of goods, services (except information services), as well as payment of money. Dissemination of false information, as well as information that undermine the dignity of candidates, is prohibited.

Also during the meeting, the results of the study of documents submitted by deputies from political parties were announced. All political parties nominated 150 candidates in each constituency.

In accordance with the Election Code, the CEC checked the submitted documents from November 7 to 11 and identified a number of discrepancies with the electoral norms, and political parties can correct them within two days and submit the corrected documents to the CEC. Otherwise, the candidates will not be able to be registered by the Central Election Commission.

Moreover, the report of the Bukhara Regional Department of International Press Center the was heard.

At the end of the event, a press conference was held with the participation of accredited journalists, during which the Deputy Chairman of the CEC M. Istamov presented detailed information about the works which have been done until today by the Central Election Commission, that directed for preparatory and conduct of elections in the high-level and answered to relevant questions of mass media representatives.

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