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April 5, 2017


4a3b3bfea0d162614ee67c8d043767c3Academic lyceums will be less in number, but the quality of education in them will be higher. This follows from the Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the activities of educational institutions of secondary special vocational education”.

To date, there are 144 academic lyceums functioning in the country, in which young people are trained to enter higher educational institutions. However, the analysis of their activities from the point of view of the perspective development of the regions and the consideration of territorial, demographic, economic and other social factors shows that the work of the lyceums on professional orientation of graduates in the choice of higher educational institutions is unsatisfactory.

To solve the existing problems in this field, there was decided to abolish the 4 academic lyceums, the material and technical and educational-methodological base of which does not meet modern requirements, and the transformation of 54 lyceums located far from higher educational institutions and had low rates of graduates who enter the universities.

For a broader involvement of highly qualified professors and teachers of higher educational institutions to teach in academic lyceums, the hourly wage of their activities in lyceums will be equated to wages in universities.

Academic lyceums will establish cooperation with general education institutions with in-depth study of individual subjects. This will contribute to the continuity of preparing students for admission to the universities.

At the same time, a complex of measures will be undertaken to improve the quality of education in academic lyceums. In particular, it was established that the academic groups will be formed by a composition of no more than 26 students. Adjacently, laboratory and seminar classes on in-depth study subjects (educational directions) will be conducted in subgroups created by dividing groups into two small ones. The pedagogical composition of academic lyceums will be formed from persons with higher education and experience of continuous pedagogical activity for at least 5 years, sel ected on a competitive basis.

Starting from the 2017/2018 academic year, the provision of pupils of academic lyceums with textbooks on general subjects will be carried out on a leased basis at the expense of the Off-budget Republican target book fund under the Ministry of Finance. The students from low-income families will be given textbooks on general subjects on a free basis at the expense of budgetary funds.

It is provided separate measures aimed at improving the quality of education and continuing academic studies at higher educational institutions by graduates of academic lyceums. In particular, the access of students of academic lyceums to information resource centers and other material and technical facilities of universities will be enhanced. Taking into account the individual abilities of students, the advanced pedagogical and information-communication technologies, electronic educational resources, programs aimed at creative and independent acquisition of knowledge will be developed in each lyceum.

The patronage of pedagogical staff of academic lyceums fr om the side of university departments, experienced professors and teachers of higher educational institutions will be more actively provided. At the same time, it is necessary to elaborate the criteria for assessing the activities of higher educational institutions based on the effectiveness of their interaction with the academic lyceums assigned to them.