Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Solemn Ceremony Dedicated to the 28th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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September 2, 2019

Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Solemn Ceremony Dedicated to the 28th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Assalomu Alaykum, esteemed compatriots!

Dear guests!

Ladies and gentlemen!

On this joyous occasion, allow me to congratulate from the bottom of my heart, you, my dears, our multiethnic nation, on Independence Day.

Twenty-eight years ago, our First President esteemed Islam Abdughanievich Karimov announced the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan before our nation and the world community.

For over the past short period, our beloved Uzbekistan traversed a difficult, yet glorious path of independence.

Today, we have all grounds to say one truth with big pride and honor: our courageous and persevering people, despite facing harsh ordeals, have been demonstrating their firm will and constant commitment to the chosen path of independence.

At present, Uzbekistan is confidently entering a new stage of its development. A new, democratic face of Uzbekistan is being shaped on the basis of modernization, ensuring human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

In this regard, a priority idea “From national reconstruction – to national progress” enshrined in the Action Strategy is serving a guideline for us.

Under the notion of national progress we understand the development of our country, comprehensive improvement of living standards of our people.

Drawing on the potential and might of our people, reasonably using our natural resources, we are consistently moving toward such goals that we set before ourselves.

Distinguished participants of the forum!

Irrespective of any reforms, transformations and new projects that we implement, all of them are aimed at a single great purpose.

That is delivering on the hopes of our hard-working, laborious and noble people, our fellow-countrymen who are courageously overcoming all trials of this life, improve their life and realize their expectations.

However, all of us understand well that these great objectives cannot be achieved by itself, by chit-chat and tumid words.

Such achievements can only be accomplished by continuous, hard and selfless work. 

To this end in recent years, we have carried out extensive work in terms of improvement of public administration as well as legal and judicial system, strengthening defense capability of the country, transiting to real market economy.

We are creating wide opportunities and favorable conditions for private property and entrepreneurship.

Macroeconomic stability is being ensured.

Radical reforms are underway in agriculture.

Despite severe drought and climatic factors, our seasoned farmers and peasants worked hard and harvested abundant crop in numerous sectors.  

Taking this opportunity, I consider it as my duty to sincerely congratulate all farmers, peasants and agricultural people on their profound successes along the path of ensuring prosperity of our nation.  

Dear friends!

Unique system is being shaped in our country in terms of social development. In this regard, such programs as “Obod qishloq” (‘Comfortable village’), “Obod mahalla” (‘Comfortable neighborhood community’), “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz” (‘Youth are our future’), “Besh ijobiy tashabbus” (‘Five positive initiatives’) are playing essential role in promoting new thinking and working among our population. 

As a result, the architectural appearance of hundreds of our districts, cities and villages is being drastically renewed.

You are well aware of profound changes taking place in science, education, healthcare, culture and sport.

We have restored 11-year education system in general education schools.

Development of school education is turning into a great national objective and national movement. 

Higher education is also rapidly developing our country now.

For over the last three years alone, 35 new institutes of higher learning have been established in the country with their total number reaching 112.

And the fact that 13 out of this number are the branches of high-ranking foreign universities is worth special underscoring.

Improving facilities and resources, as well as human resource capacities of public healthcare constantly remains in the focus of our attention.

Numerous new hospitals, medical centers, family and private clinics are being launched across the country.

Social protection of low-income families, physically challenged persons, youth, girls and elderly people has turned into a priority direction of state policy in recent years. 

In this regard, we should mention the creation of the Agency for medical and social services and the Fund for supporting physically handicapped persons.

Creation of jobs for the population, especially for the youth and women, remains the most urgent task for us. 

This particularly important matter stands as core objective and task of all of our economic and social programs, large investment projects, and measures aimed at developing services sector.

It won’t be wrong to say that a new era has started in our country in terms of providing the population with housing which was an acute problem in our country for a long time.

Enormous changes are happening in cultural life our country, as well. For the first time, the International maqom art festival and the International bakshi art festival were successfully held in Shakhrisabz and Termez, respectively.

 “Sharq Taronalari” International Music Festival, which was recently held in Samarkand at the high level and spirit, has once again demonstrated our unique classical art to the world.

In September the town of Kokand will host for the first time the International Craft Festival.

We consider the work of enlightenment and spirituality as the work of patriotism, the work of conscience.

A man of conscience and enlightenment certainly loves Motherland. 

Conscience and enlightenment means sincerely serving one’s Homeland.

The fact that such an approach is enjoying broad and enthusiastic support of our people, especially the youth, demonstrates the urgency of upbringing on the basis of enlightenment. 

Dear friends!

Uzbekistan is continuing to firmly pursue its independent policy in ensuring human rights and freedoms, and this policy is being acknowledged by the international community.

An institute of granting pardon to prisoners was established in our country.

Pardon was granted for seven times for over the last three years. As a result, nearly 4 thousand prisoners, who sincerely repented of their conduct and returned to the path of correction, were released.

The other day, I signed another decree on pardon. According to this document, 65 citizens, who were serving their time, were been granted pardon.

When you watch and see on TV the joy of parents and children of these persons, who are returning to their home and their loved ones, you once again realize that it is indeed a noble and kind work to accomplish.

The closure of Jaslyk penal colony in the Republic of Karakalpakstan on the eve of Independence Day has become yet another demonstration of humanistic policy.

This historic step shows that protection of human rights and freedoms in our country is not a temporary campaign but a continuous process on the level of state policy.

Today Uzbekistan is asserting itself as a country capable of protecting the rights and interests of its citizens irrespective of their whereabouts. 

Ties with our compatriots working and studying abroad are strengthening, their rights and interests are protected and ensured.

Necessary conditions are being created for our citizens who are keen to return to Uzbekistan and continue their education or career here.

This year 156 of our compatriots – mainly women and children – were evacuated from war-torn Syria and their civil rights have been fully restored.

Certainly, being merciful and kind pleases the people and God. Such noble qualities yet glorify our magnanimous nation.

Dear compatriots!

At present, Uzbekistan is conducting active and efficient foreign policy.

Our ties with far and near states, and international organizations are yet widening and developing. 

In the first place, we are establishing good-neighborly relations and mutually beneficial ties with Central Asian states. 

Conditions were created for thousands of people to cross borders freely, freely move across the region and be able to mutually visit their relatives. 

Uzbekistan is actively participating in the activities on ensuring regional security, as well in dialogues aimed at establishing peace in Afghanistan.

All of this has significant importance in terms of adding to the prestige of our country on the international arena and increasing the number of the country’s friends and partners.  

Taking this opportunity, allow me to express sincere respect and gratitude to distinguished ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, our foreign partners and all friends of Uzbekistan, who are joining us at this festivity, render support and welcome the democratic reforms in our country.

Esteemed compatriots!

Peace and tranquility, interethnic and interreligious friendship and accord is strengthening in our life.

We consider it as a guarantee of our reforms and their crucial result.   

Thanks to the reforms that we are implementing today and elevation of the dialogue with people to the level of state policy, the climate of openness and freedom is ever strengthening in our society.

People are learning how to work with authorities by being pro-active and addressing not only their personal problem but the challenges which represent the ordeals of the many.

You know that I travel across the country a lot.

On site, in remote districts, villages and townships I try to launch new economic and social projects, closely learn the lives of people, the actual conditions that they live in, their mood, and help with addressing the problems that they are facing. 

Today, we are jointly resolving numerous complex and urgent matters with our people through such open and sincere conversations.

And this makes our people confident in the future and inspires them towards new and great achievements.

There is no doubt that this is our biggest achievement.

On this great occasion, I bow low before our brave and magnanimous people, who are preserving the independence of our Motherland and ensuring its sustainable development despite all harsh trials and ordeals, for their honest and selfless work, commitment to the ideas of independence.

Dear compatriots!

Certainly, as long as there is life, there were and will be its harsh challenges and problems.

However, finding a reasonable solution to any problem requires unity and accord in the first place.

All of us, especially leaders and managers need deep knowledge, intellect and patience.

In this regard, there is a profound meaning in the idea of “Enlightenment against ignorance”.

This idea has crucial importance not only in terms of religious upbringing, but in all spheres of our life.

If we address any issue on the basis of enlightenment, give it a good deal of thought, show respect to people, take their opinion into account, relying on the criterion of the law and justice alone, our people will be pleased with us.   

Time has changed today. From now on, all of us need to learn how to work in the conditions of freedom, openness and transparency. All developed countries and the world community is living in such conditions.

In order not to fall behind the pressing demands of life, all of us need to continuously learn, refine ourselves and improve our knowledge and intellectual level. 

We have the blood of our great ancestors in our veins.

I believe all of you will join me if I say that being worthy followers and successors of great forefathers is our sacred duty.  

Diligently working for the prosperity of one’s nation is:

  • being brave and courage,
  • loving and being devoted to a Motherland,
  • having good upbringing and being a model to others.

This time around, in the capital city and the regions we are decorating our compatriots, who are commendably contributing to the development of our country and make a model to everybody, with high state titles, orders and medals.

On my own behalf and on behalf of our nation, allow me to sincerely congratulate and express kind wishes to those of our compatriots who gained profound esteem and recognition among our people for their devoted service to our country. 

Dear friends!

Today, I believe it is important to firmly underscore the following idea: democratic processes in Uzbekistan became irreversible and inevitable.

For the sake of our forefathers, who struggled and sacrificed themselves for such bright days,

for the sake of our 33 million people strong nation,

for the sake of our children and grandchildren, who are looking at us with hope and belief in their eyes,

we will never ever back down from the path of independence and sovereignty!

We will definitely achieve our goals and together we will build Uzbekistan with a great future!

Esteemed compatriots!

All of us are well aware that a profound political event is awaiting us. In December this year, elections to the parliament and local councils are to be held in our country. 

The elections will become yet another important practical step in consolidating our national independence and elevating Uzbekistan to the rank of developed democratic states of the world.           

I am confident that these elections will express the dreams and aspirations of our nation, especially the youth and open up new opportunities for them.

At present, numerous young people with excellent education, command of foreign languages and managerial skills, graduates of prestigious foreign universities in their prime are entering our life. 

They are our hope and tomorrow.

Therefore providing broad opportunities to the youth, promoting their needs and interests, realizing their capabilities and talents, assisting them with finding their place in life, entrusting responsible posts to them will always remain at the focus of our attention.

I am confident that our beloved children will be worthy of such high attention of our country and glorify Uzbekistan across the world with their potential and commitment to our national idea.

Dear compatriots!

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all of you on the twenty-eighths anniversary of state independence of Uzbekistan.

May a sound health and new successes accompany you, let your family live in harmony and accord, may everyone see and enjoy happiness bliss of their children and grandchildren!

May our country be peaceful, our sky be clear and our beloved Uzbekistan be safe!

May our Independence be eternal!