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August 8, 2017


Another session of the International Press Club, held in cooperation with Ipoteka-Bank, was held in a casual conversation over a cup of coffee. One of the five priority areas outlined in the Strategy for Actions was discussed: strengthening social protection of the population.

The participants of the event particularly noted that the issue of eliminating housing problems is important in ensuring the well-being of families. Housing construction contributes not only to the solution of social problems related to raising the standard of living of the population, but also to the development of communal, transport and communication spheres, which is very important for the state that has moved onto the track of a market economy. At present, large-scale work is being carried out in the republic to implement these tasks.

In particular, in order to further improve the level and quality of life of the population living in the cities of the republic, including young families, residents of dilapidated apartment buildings and other categories of citizens in need of better housing conditions, affordable modern apartment buildings are successfully being built throughout the country.

In implementing this task, a special place is given to IKIB “Ipoteka-Bank”, which is defined by a financing commercial bank with the functions of issuing loans to customers for the construction and reconstruction of apartment buildings, as well as the sale of apartments by issuing mortgage loans to borrowers for their purchase in a multi-apartment building.

Experts of Ipoteka Bank told the participants of the event that in the next four years a total of 945 five-, seven- and nine-storey energy-efficient affordable apartment buildings will be built in all regions of the republic in conjunction with the accompanying engineering and social infrastructure. Actually, work is underway to build 191 houses planned for delivery this year (including 102 in the capital).

The houses are built using modern building materials of domestic production that are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. Around each building are created recreational areas, playgrounds, car parks, collection points and other amenities.

Participants of the event received detailed information on the conditions necessary to secure affordable housing. In particular, the assignment of individuals needing better housing conditions is carried out by the territorial commission. These people provide the commission with a package of documents confirming the financial condition, as well as compliance with the established criteria. And she decides on fixing the apartment or on the refusal indicating specific reasons. With a positive decision, one of the apartments is assigned to an individual who needs to improve housing conditions.

Specialists of the bank also talked about the terms of lending affordable housing.

Ipoteka-Bank will provide mortgage loans for up to 20 years, including a three-year grace period, with an interest rate of 7% for the first five years, and further in the amount of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank. The initial fee should be at least 25% of the total cost of the apartment.

Also during the conversation was given full information about a number of tax benefits provided for the borrower. The taxable income of individuals (borrowers), as well as their family members, does not include the amount of wages and other income subject to taxation, directed to repay the principal debt and accrued interest on mortgage loans for the purchase of an apartment in an apartment building. In the event that the organization in which the borrower is employed has paid the down payment on condition of non-return, the funds paid are also not taxed. Until the loan for the apartment is repaid, there is also no property tax.

The conversation took place in the spirit of openness and mutual understanding, present had an opportunity to exchange opinions and get exhaustive answers to all questions.