Alexander Naymark: Politics of President Mirziyoyev leads to new scientific openings

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May 13, 2018

Alexander Naymark: Politics of President Mirziyoyev leads to new scientific openings

Professor of the Department of Fine Arts of the New York University Hofstra Alexander Naymark in his interview to journalists of Uzbekistan Today announced the implementation of a unique Uzbek-American archaeological project in Uzbekistan, which can lead to sensational discoveries.

According to the American researcher, “We have long waited for the possibility of expanding cooperation with Uzbekistan in the scientific field, and today, thanks to the positive changes that are taking place in your country, we have an agreement with the National University, according to which we started the implementation of a joint large archaeological project in Karshi, which, in my opinion, opens an unknown story of the largest Sogdian city, built in the beginning of our era in the territory of Uzbekistan.

I want to emphasize that the efforts and aspirations of the Head of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the cooperation and support of science, the implementation of numerous projects, the opening of research centers, the assistance in obtaining new knowledge by the young generation of researchers of Uzbekistan is unprecedented. Scientists have a real opportunity to join international projects and actively participate in world cooperation. Such a desire of the country to promote and lobbying “scientific dialogue” gives all of us a real opportunity to work together to study and preserve the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. A unique step in this direction is the “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the world’s collections” project, implemented in Uzbekistan, NAEMM in partnership with a number of government and public organizations. This is a new, progressive and a unique opportunity to establish and maintain a constructive dialogue and joint work with researchers of ancient culture of Uzbekistan from all over the world. And believe me, here we are waiting for a lot of sensational discoveries and scientific conclusions. In other words, these transformations taking place in Uzbekistan, undoubtedly, will lead to the rise of science and will give a new powerful impetus to world-class research and discoveries.”