Alisher Navoi – symbol of humanism and kindness

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February 8, 2020

Alisher Navoi – symbol of humanism and kindness

Alisher Navoi is a symbol of love for Motherland, humanism, enlightenment and kindness.
Rich and multifaceted creative heritage of Alisher Navoi has taken a significant place not only in Uzbek but also in the world literature. His invaluable works, such as “Hamsa”, “Tarihi muluki Ajam”, “Holoti Sayyid Hasan Ardasher”, “Risolai muammo”, “Majolis-un-nafois”, “Munshaot”, “Mezon-ul-avzon”, “Holoti Pahlavon Mahmud”, “Nasoim ul-muhabbat”, “Devoni Foniy”, “Tarihi anbiyo va hukamo” are spiritual wealth of our people.


Practical importance of studying and researching vast heritage of the great poet was noted at the event held at the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Ties with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


At the event, which was attended by heads of national cultural centers, youth and general public, it was noted that studying the life and creativity of Alisher Navoi, his works impregnated with ideas of humanism, is important in strengthening interethnic friendship.


“Alisher Navoi is a favorite poet not only for Uzbek people, but also for Azerbaijanis”, says head of the Republican Azerbaijan National Cultural Center Firdavsi Guseynov. “In the center, we translate and publish works of Alisher Navoi. More than 10 works of the poet have been translated into Azerbaijani. “Mezon ul-avzon” was presented in Azerbaijan. Now, we are going to publish another work by Alisher Navoi. Such activities serve to strengthen friendship between people of the two countries”.
Participants enjoyed songs performed on poet’s ghazals.