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May 13, 2016

All gymnasts visit us!


These days Sports Palace of the Republican specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve in rhythmic gymnastics has become a place of attraction for lovers of grace and beauty.

Our capital hosts Asian Championship, World Cup and international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics «Happy Caravan» organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan under the auspices of the International Gymnastics Federation.

Such prestigious tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics are conducted in Uzbekistan not for the first time. Tashkent hosted the World Cup, the continental championship in rhythmic gymnastics, and other tournaments.

Thanks to the care of the President Islam Karimov for the upbringing of healthy and harmoniously developed generation, development of physical culture and sport in our country a new generation of talented athletes is brought up who multiply the glory of Uzbekistan on the world stage. In all the cities and villages the necessary conditions are created, sports facilities have been built that meet modern requirements and equipped with the necessary inventory. Experienced coaches are working who have been trained by international standards.

Gymnastics along with the formation of physical beauty strengthens body and spirit, trains the character and will, reinforce the desire to achieve the set goal. Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan carries out consistent work to promote all its areas – sports, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatics. A considerable number of Olympic licenses is the evidence of its effectiveness in these areas.

In addition, for the first time in the upcoming four years games gymnasts fr om Uzbekistan will step onto the platform in the group exercises.

With the support of the state regional and national competitions are regularly conducted that help to identify talented athletes. In all regions, gymnastics centers fully meeting international requirements are established that daily thousands of boys and girls engaged in. The most promising and talented athletes are involved in the national teams.

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, Republican Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of Rhythmic Gymnastics was established. It takes in the numbers of athletes from around the country and forms the reserve of the national team, which is the Uzbek sports on the international arena. Coaching and teaching staff – experienced professionals, fluent in the psychology of sport, knowing the age characteristics of children. Priority school sports work lies not only in the preparation of high-class gymnasts, one of the most beautiful and graceful sport contributes to bоth physical and aesthetic education of girls, increasing their interest in music and dance, the formation of spirituality.

– Uzbekistan has done a lot of work on the development of sports, created excellent conditions for the successful development of gymnastics, Elena Kornue, international referee (Switzerland) says. – Today’s event is also held at a high organizational level. Every athlete, coach meet with hospitality inherent to your residents. And because of this our stay in Tashkent is joyful. Furthermore, such activities are a unique opportunity to exchange experience for all, especially helpful to become familiar with the system of training, which practiced by our Uzbek colleagues, whose wards recently louder declare themselves.

Note that under the auspices of the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan, in all regions there are clubs, schools and groups, regular regional and national competitions that identify talented athletes, widely popularize rhythmic gymnastics. Established training of trainers of the highest caliber. The Uzbek school of gymnastics is recognized worldwide. The current prestigious competitions in Uzbekistan again confirm the high level of development of this graceful sport in the country.

Our republic at the World Cup, in which more than 180 gymnasts compete in the composition of sports delegations from Armenia, Belarus, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, China, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, USA, Estonia, Japan, and the Asian Championship, wh ere 160 gymnasts compete for the title of the strongest, Anastasia Serdyukova, Elizaveta Nazarenkova, Maftuna Kuvandikova, Jasmin Yusupova, Sabina Tashkenbaeva perform in the individual exercises. In the group all-around competitions at the World Cup squad of owners of Olympic licenses to Rio appear: Samira Amirova, Valeriya Davydova, Luiza Ganieva, Zarina Kurbonova, Marta Rastaburova, at the continental championship – team includes Kamila Rustamova, Ferangiz Shadyva, Matlyuba Rashidova, Karina Tagaeva, Amina Kasymova and Anna Ten.

Another junior tournament “Happy Caravan” clearly demonstrates the succession of generations in gymnastics. It brings together young athletes from Armenia, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Estonia, Japan and Uzbekistan.

Elizaveta Nazarenkova confirmed good preparation and attitude, whose performance at the Asian Championship was highly praised by the judges. In the individual all-round competitions she won the “silver” twice, and on the rings – two “bronzes”. According to the final results of the competition our compatriot has risen to the second step of the podium.