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December 27, 2016



The Ministry of Healthcare issues special passports to all patients suffering from allergic diseases. It also implements other significant initiatives. They help to solve many problems, which were raised by social network users within the framework of our “Temporarily accessible” project. Chief allergist of the country, director of the Republican scientific-specialized allergy Center Ozodbek Nazarov spoke in more detail about them in an interview with an Uzbekistan Today correspondent.

“It is obvious from the incoming questions to the “Temporarily accessible” project that there are issues related to training qualified specialists for the needs of medical establishments…”

“Unfortunately, this problem does exist. Hence, our Center conducts on a regular basis all kinds of workshops and master classes devoted to introduction of advanced technologies in addition to mandatory qualification improvement courses, which all physicians are bound to attend.

“A number of issues are being resolved within the framework of the latest order. In particular, from now on all allergists will undergo qualification improvement training courses at our Center.

“Another novelty is the introduction of a chief allergist position in the regions; so far we had only the position of a chief allergist of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic. The appointment of chief allergists in the regions will promote the improvement of the system of coordination of this service and solution of regional problems.”

“You used to say that starting with the year 2017 it was planned to improve the provision of patients with medical preparations at the Government account.”

“The talk is about rendering emergency medical assistance to patients suffering from bronchial asthma. From 2017 onwards the patients with bronchial asthma attacks will be provided with inhale glucocorticoids on account of the state in rendering them emergency assistance. To date, in such cases, patients are provided free of charge only medication required for symptomatic treatment and for withdrawal of life-threatening conditions and symptoms. At the same time, all the medicines for the subsequent specific treatment, and these patients are treated with inhaled glucocorticoids, they purchase in the pharmacies themselves.”

“I have information that Uzbekistan plans to shift to usage of domestically produced therapeutic and diagnostic allergens; so far all these preparations are all being imported.”

“There is such a project and we have already conducted negotiations with a number of pharmaceutical companies. The thing is that we have to shift to the use of therapeutic and diagnostic allergens made from local raw materials for improving the quality of medical assistance to patients suffering from allergic diseases.

“Take, for example, an allergen, which causes atopic bronchial asthma – household and industrial dust. Multicenter studies have shown that the composition of the dust of local settlements significantly differ from that which the imported products are made of. One of the differences is mite species that live in the dust, which are the major irritants causing allergic diseases. It is obvious that the drugs made from local raw materials will be more effective.”