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June 12, 2017



To improve the ambulance service for the population, the single dispatch coordinating centers are established in 13 regions of the republic. The presentation of the pilot center was carried out in the Bukhara regional branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care.

“This center began its work as a pilot project for the introduction of Unified dispatch coordination centers for emergency medical care in the regions of the country”, explained the Deputy Minister of Healthcare Bahodir Atakhanov. “They will serve timely service of each appeal. Having accepted and registered, it will be sent to the visiting team at the same moment with the necessary information about the patient’s health and location. Another important component is that the emergency medical service call is organized on the basis of the “one-stop” principle which will help to speed up the servicing for calls.

A necessary addition to such centers will be new ambulances. This year it is planned to purchase 1200 such cars. To date, about 200 cars have already been purchased, fitted out with the necessary equipment, it is carried out their delivery to the regions with high need.

Connection between the dispatcher and ambulance plays a key role in the reliable operation of all units of this service. In the pilot center, it is carried out thanks to the subsystem “radio-communication” which secures guaranteed contact via digital radio communication channels, tracking and monitoring of the location of radios installed in the cars. The data between the system and devices is transmitted over the digital radio channels. And even in case of emergencies, regardless of the congestion of telecommunication networks in the country, the actions of the ambulance service continue to be conducted through these digital radio channels.