Amir Temur’s 680th anniversary widely celebrated in Uzbekistan

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April 12, 2016

Amir Temur’s 680th anniversary widely celebrated in Uzbekistan


Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov historical truth about the personality of Amir Temur has triumphed, the rich heritage of our great ancestor has been restored. 1996 has been declared the Year of Amir Temur in our country, his 660th anniversary was celebrated internationally, his magnificent monuments were erected in Tashkent, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. The order on his name was established. “The Code of Temur” were reprinted on the initiative and with a foreword by the head of our state in 2011.

This year the 680th anniversary of our great ancestor is widely celebrated in our country.

A celebratory event in connection with the birthday of Amir Temur has been held in the Amir Temur alley on April 9 in Tashkent. It was attended by senators, deputies, government officials, writers, poets, scholars, students and the public.

Chairman of the International Charity Fund of Amir Temur Nozim Habibullaev, chairman of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan Muhammad Ali, Doctor of Law, Professor Akmal Saidov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Uzbekistan Jacques-Henry Heuls and others noted that the personality, great services, and the place of Amir Temur in the world history received fair recognition and Sohibqiron (conferred title, literally meaning “the ruler of the world”) became a symbol of the glory of Uzbekistan. His image inspires our people to achieve great goals, increasing youth spirituality.

The legacy of Amir Temur is highly honoured and respected as an example of dedication, courage and justice. Sohibqiron was the founder of the powerful state of its era, the patron of science, culture and spirituality, the great creator who made an invaluable contribution to world civilization.

Ongoing reforms in our country for the development of the nation state, education of the younger generation, their physical, intellectual and spiritual development are largely based on the views and actions of our great ancestor. After all, as the head of our state noted, understanding the Amir Temur equals comprehending oneself. Exalting Amir Temur means strengthening our faith in the great future of the country, based on our roots in the depths of history, our culture and power.

In his “Code” Amir Temur sets out that “the farmer, who developed and irrigated uncultivated land, planted trees on abandoned land was exempt from taxes the first year; in the second year he could pay as much as he pleases; in the third year he paid general taxes”. Today in our country entrepreneurs are provided great benefits to create an enabling business environment. This is a clear expression of the fact that the principles of life of Amir Temur brought to life by his descendants.

Amir Temur built the state on a solid foundation of justice in order to take care of the welfare of the people. During his time, people, who did not have sufficient funds for the construction of the house, were provided full assistance. Today our country also supports low-income families, consumer credits are readily available. This increases the well-being of families, rising living standards, strengthening people’s worldview.

Poet Sirojiddin Raupov read a poem “Sohibqiron” at the event. 65-year-old amateur sportsman Abdujabbor Kholboev from Kashkadarya, who walked from Shakhrisabz to Tashkent under the slogan “In honour of the 680th anniversary of the birth of Amir Temur – 680 thousand steps” noted that the image of Amir Temur gives him spiritual strength.

The young participants recited statements of world scientists about the life of Amir Temur in Uzbek, English, Russian, French, Japanese and other languages.

The participants laid flowers to the monument of Amir Temur.

The event was attended by the State Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.Sultanov.


* * *

The State Museum of History of Timurids held a republican scientific-practical conference dedicated to the value of science and culture in the era of Amir Temur for world civilization. At the event the winners of the best graphic and journalistic works on the history of the Timurids were awarded.

The exhibition of rare manuscripts on the history of the Timurids, books on this topic, published in the years of independence, was also organized.

Events, dedicated to the 680th anniversary of Amir Temur, are continuing in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and in all regions.