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April 14, 2014

An Occupation for Life

Uzbekistan’s athletes have been active in Olympic and Asian Games, world and continental championships, and they are becoming victors and prize winners by representing our nation with dignity in the international sporting arena. This is a result of the enormous attention being paid under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to the promotion of sports, especially that among children.

A considerable input into training professional athletes is made by coaches. One of such mentors is the coach-instructor in track and field athletics of the MHSK club Galina Kazakova.

Throughout her sporting life, Galina has tried out in all types of the “queen of sports”, and running with hurdles. Two months into her training in this field, Galina received her first award at the Uzbekistan championship, and a year later she became a member of the national team.

Her record of service includes numerous achievements and titles: many-time champion and record setter of Uzbekistan, international class master of sports. Yet the highest accomplishment for her is the Dustlik Order that she was awarded with in a Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Currently, Kazakova’s principal goal is to foster young athletes capable of upholding the honor of the Motherland in prestigious international competitions. Her students include the victors and prize winners of Asian championships and Asian Games, participants of world championships and Olympics Lyudmila Dmitriadi, Anvar Kuchmuradov, winner of the 6th Asian championship in indoor track and field athletics Anastasia Zhuravleva and others.

Many of her students, such as the senior coach of the MHSK club in track and field athletics – the Honored Sportsperson of Uzbekistan Lyubov Perepelova, have followed her steps and opted for a thorny profession of coaching.

Kazakova’s noble endeavors are successfully continued also by her daughter Anna, who is an international class master in athletics, participant of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Working as a senior coach of the National Paralympics Association of Uzbekistan, Anna has trained numerous successful athletes, including the London Paralympics participant Doniyor Saliev, winner of the Grand Prix tournament in track and field athletics Farruh Mirzakulov.

“A great significance is attached in our country to the development of mass sports, especially among the younger generation,” Galina shares. “The success of our athletes in international sporting arena is the outcome of the persistent and steadfast efforts of the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan and the entire team of the MHSK club. And the challenge for me as a coach is the greater effectiveness in training athletes capable of upholding duly the honor of our Motherland in the most prominent competitions.”