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January 6, 2017



Each year, theaters and art groups are preparing for the most difficult mission – to impress young spectators. It is considered difficult because technological progress has given mankind 3D animated films, various games on gadgets and devices which absorb into a virtual reality since childhood. But theater troupes, complimenting their performances with the theme of friendship, trust, love, once again return young people to the reality and give the belief in miracles. Uzbekistan Today provides a review about the most exciting New Year’s performances on relevant themes.

Of course, the main performances are considered the so-called Presidential New Year Tree, which will be held throughout the country. These days, the capital’s Turkistan Concert Palace is hosting a fabulous performance ‘World of Wonders’ for the children from mercy homes, and  those from low-income and large families of Tashkent. This year the New Year Tree performances are organized for the 24th time.

Each year, Tomosha music and dance group members together with the head, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Nodira Kurbanova choose the most interesting and relevant topic for children and produce the New Year performance. This year the central theme of the play turns Technomania: dependence on mobile phones, tablets and gadgets. Therefore, the hobby of the main characters of the fairy tale will be reading books, and the Father Frost says this phrase: “Do not get into the virtual games, better love reading books!”

And, as always, the children are waiting for miracles and magic. The main character, referring to Father Frost, asks: “Where can I find miracles?” Father Frost replies: “Hugging the sky, you make wonders. Wonders are not in magic, but in your knowledge!”

The lobby of the Palace is decorated with the New Year Tree, and children are happy to spend time around it with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. And, of course, a special joy to them will bring New Year presidential gifts.

Along with Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and many other heroes of the famous comics the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater gets its own superhero – Tarvuzman (Watermelon-man) who withstands the robber Baqlajon (Eggplant) and Muzqaymoq (Lady Ice-cream). Will the confident Tarvuzman be able to save the New year Tree, and the celebration of the holiday in Arch City and overcome shyness in front of a beauty Yasmin, the daughter of flower seller to confess his love to her? Answers to these questions will be able to get by visiting the performance.

This New Year story will be of interest not only children but also their parents, because it tells the story of friendship, and that one can be a superhero, not wearing a special suit. Bright Archa City, charming characters and insidious villains in the best tradition of comics, Father Frost and, of course, a huge New Year Tree are waiting for you at the Grand Theater!

The Samarkand Regional Russian Drama Theater will present the continuation of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen.’ This will be no ordinary sequel, but an amazing story with a lot of new characters. The story with involvement of Fixies, Olaf and Queen Frost is written by Hasan Burkhanov. In addition to the play ‘The Snow Queen 2’ (sequel), which takes place from 25 December to 10 January, disco parties will be organized for young spectators. The theater troupe during the winter vacations will hold several performances at mercy homes, schools and nursery schools. Moreover, ‘The Snow Queen 2’ play will also be performed in various communities in Samarkand, including Sughdiyona, Hadicha Suleymanova and Marhabo mahallas.

And Surkhandarya region has already begun the New Year performances. The troupe of the Drama Theater of Surkhandarya region performs the play ‘Princess with Golden Hair’, staged by Farhod Boltayev on the script by Nigora Ahmedova. Children see the good Olaf from the cartoon ‘The Cold Heart’, the master Shifu of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and other favorite heroes.

The creative team of the Puppet Theater of Jizzakh region has already started presenting the New Year performances. Children have already seen two of them ‘Stay with Us in the New Year!’ and ‘New Year Is New Year’, which drew the audience interest not only by fascinating story, but also an interactive form of presentation, which got involved the young spectators directly.

Returning to the capital theaters, the attention is drawn by another New Year performance, which will delight bоth children and grownups. The play ‘Where the New Year Tree Run off’ has already been performed at the State Theater of Musical Comedy of Uzbekistan and will last until the end of the winter holidays. Script of the fairy tale was written by Ruslan Sherezdanov and stage by Igor Bukhaidze. The fairy tale has a few main characters, but each is worthy of a role, whether it is the New Year Tree – the main character, Snowman – the main rescuer, Akhriman – the main villain, or Humo, the happiness bird charmed by Akhriman. The play harmoniously combined the acting scenes, music and dance, which makes the play enthralling.