“ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” emphasizes the individuality of each client

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October 6, 2014

“ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” emphasizes the individuality of each client

asia_alliance_bankThe development of the system of cashless payments shows how popular are becoming cards in our daily life. More and more of the Uzbek people that want to get maximum quality of service, are using modern methods of trading and settlement, the fastest and easiest access to which today provides a plastic card.

Uzbekistan is actively working in the sphere of improvement of the system of cashless payments based on the use of plastic cards. Banks continuing to invest in improving the servicing of plastic cards, are actively implementing salary projects, at the same time simultaneously expanding the network of trade-service enterprises with electronic trading platforms.

In particular for those who are accustomed to express their individuality, for creative people, the “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” offers a unique opportunity to become the owner of a plastic card with individual design.

Now every customer who wants to receive a Uzcard Online plastic card, or already have it in the bank may replace it with a new or receive an additional card with the original design, depending on his tastes and preferences.

Selecting the most favourite design layout of the proposed directory for the front side of the card on the website of the bank or any of its branch and paying the fee, the customer within 10 days will receive a card that reflects his personality.