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June 9, 2016

Audit service improving

audit_serviceA session has been held in the budget and economic reform committee of the Legislative Chamber of the Supreme Assembly of the Republic of Uzbekistan on results of study of the implementation of the law “On audit activity” in Fargona Region.

The chairman of the budget and economic reform committee of the Legislative Chamber of the Supreme Assembly. A.Shodmonov; the executive director of the Audit Chamber, R.Haydarov; the deputy governor of Fargona Region, S.Quchqarov; and others noted that the modern audit service created under the leadership of our country’s President was giving high results and that it deserved the trust of not only domestic but also foreign users of audit services.

The new edition of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On audit activity”, adopted on 26 May 2000, serves as an important legal basis for streamlining relations in this sphere.

In Fargona Region too, systemic work is under way on ensuring the observance of the provisions of the law in the work of audit organizations, local producers and joint stock companies. In 2015, audit organizations of the region provides services for 662 economic entities. Training and methodological courses meeting international standards of financial accounting were arranged for bookkeepers and financial specialists of joint stock companies so that they could upgrade their skills.

A round table was held with the participation of specialists of regional organizations, joint stock companies, state and private organizations, financial establishments, tax and law enforcement agencies with the aim of eliminating shortcomings that had been brought to light by MPs while studying the implementation of the law. Relevant proposals and recommendations were given on further improving audit activities.

During the session, there was an exchange of opinions on results of parliamentarians’ control over the study of the current state of implementation of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On audit activity” in Fargona Region and on further improving the legal bases of this sphere.