Automobile and River Transport Agency reviews 2013

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February 15, 2014

Automobile and River Transport Agency reviews 2013

To date, the number of passenger transportation routes has reached 4,280 , which proves the growth and progress by 104.4% against 2012. Of these, 1,009 routes are urban , 2,631 – suburban and 640 – intercity routes.

181 passenger routes were established in 2013 (190.5 %) instead of the estimated 95. They are operated by 205 buses, 117 minibuses and 998 Damas cars. As a result, there are currently no remote villages in the country lacking passenger transport services. Still, in collaboration with local municipalities, the Agency studies the passenger traffic, population needs in routes, and provides practical support in terms of upgrading the bus fleet.

For reference, in 2000 the whole country was operated by nearly 2,000 passenger transportation routes.

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