“Babur – an outstanding ruler, statesman, a true son of the Uzbek people” 

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April 15, 2016

“Babur – an outstanding ruler, statesman, a true son of the Uzbek people” 


The State Song Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov (Baku) hosted an event dedicated to the historical figure of Uzbekistan Zahriddinu Muhammad Babur.

The presentation, organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Baku jointly with “Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan” Friendship Society and the Azerbaijan Fund of creativity, was attended by the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani Parliament), members of the Azerbaijani Council of Elders, representatives of socio-political, scientific and academic circles of the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Academy of Sciences, the diplomatic corps and the media.

The diplomatic mission organized an exhibition of national applied art of Uzbekistan in the theater’s foyer. Booklets, flyers and other advertising materials on our country’s history, architectural sights of the republic and the Year of maternal and child health were distributed.

The guests were also showed with theatrical performances devoted to Babur during the event, the screenplay of which was written by T.Guliev, a professor of the Baku Music Academy, known navoived, author of the translation into Azerbaijani language Navoi’s works “Mizanul-ovzan”.

Along with this, the participants were informed about the life of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, his historic role in the formation of a strong centralized state in the region, the impact of his work “Baburname” not only on the formation of the Uzbek literary and artistic thought, but also the world. It was noted that in the years of independence Uzbekistan pays great attention to the study of Babur’s great heritage, international conferences, symposia, scientific expeditions are held, and his birthday is annually celebrated on February 14.

Speakers made a presentation elaborated on the role of a historical figure – Babur in strengthening the ties between the two peoples, as well as the current state of the Azerbaijani-Uzbek relations.

Thus, the deputy of Milli Majlis, head of the Committee on Agrarian Policy Eldar Ibragimov noted:

– Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur played an important role in socio-political life of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, the formation of national statehood’s foundations. He contributed to the literary and cultural heritage of Azerbaijani and Uzbek people, Central Asia and the entire Turkic world.

I also want to mention that Babur was an outstanding ruler, statesman, true son of the Uzbek people, who devoted his life to reunion of Uzbekistan, the Central Asian and Indian lands, as well as economic, military and cultural development of the peoples who inhabited these lands. In addition, he was involved in creativity – wrote beautiful poems, deeply interested in science, art, music and architecture.

Zakhiriddin Muhammad with his sharp sword and a skillful pen ever had written in golden letters the name of the Uzbek people in world history.

Truly Babur’s dreams become reality, Uzbekistan is now independent. In continuation of the traditions, thoroughly good ties with Uzbekistan are of brotherhood today of special importance for us.

Rafik Gashanly, deputy at Azerbaijan Fund of creativity:

– Today’s event allowed us to plunge into the prehistoric world of the great ruler of his people, who made an invaluable contribution to building the state foundations, praised Uzbekistan for centuries and left a rich cultural heritage.

This meeting is another good opportunity to show the younger generation how close the two countries and the two peoples, the basis of the relationship which was founded 500 years ago by our ancestors.

We highly appreciate the friendship with Uzbekistan, respect its people. I am confident that our fraternal relationship will continue for many centuries.

Miralamov Husain, the deputy of Milli Majlis:

– It made me, a lover of history, great pleasure to take part in this colorful event. The organizers and the actors managed to convey the spirit and atmosphere that prevailed during Zahriddina Muhammad Babur’s reign.

He respected and valued the friendship of nations, which is one of the main patriotic and educational promises for the younger generation on the value of friendship, the need to show respect to the family and friends, the veneration of culture, history and love for the country.

Along with this, Babur left a rich cultural heritage in the history of mankind. He encouraged science, built the city, beautiful architectural monuments. It is due to him, the respect to Uzbekistan’s people continues to grow, its culture and history are being studied.

Zemfira Kadyrova, co-chairman of “Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan” Friendship Society:

– Uzbekistan has always been known and famous for its great scientists, historians, public and political figures. Due to such rulers as Jalaluddin Manguberdi Azerbaijani statehood hah continued to evolve. Trade relations, which route passed through the Caspian Sea, were developed in those days between Azerbaijan and the state of Khorezm

I am sure that the holding of such an event has allowed to expand the boundaries of the study of Azerbaijan’s and Uzbekistan’s history and once again to be in touch with our peoples’ culture and heritage.