Fr om January 1, a number of new standards aimed at supporting academics have come into force. Innovations derive from the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve and promote the activities of the members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

It is noteworthy that the day after the signing of the document the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with leading scientists of the country wh ere stressed that “time itself needs to raise  a science to a new level as all aspects of society, because without science is difficult to solve urgent tasks facing society. Comprehensive support for science and scientists is one of the priorities of our state”. The decree to encourage academics which became the first document aimed at the development of the science of the country shows the care provided for the science in Uzbekistan.

Thus, according to this document, from January 1, 2017, the approval of the full members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic Uzbekistan will be carried out by the President on the recommendation of the presidium and acting full members of the Academy of Sciences on relevant specialties.

However, from the new year a monthly honorarium of the current full members of the Academy of Sciences will be raised. Previously, the amount of the honorarium was equal to only four times of the minimum wage, but now this amount is 10 times of the minimum wage.

The document also stipulates the order according to which members of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan together with one accompanying person have a right to get free rehabilitation course once a year in acceptable time for them at sanatoria of Ministry of Health institutions, the Council of Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic, as well as sanatoria of the health resort join-stock company “Uzbekistan” in the cities of Yalta and Kislovodsk.

However that is not all. Within one month the ministries and departments will develop and submit the new projects to the Cabinet of Ministers on this issue. In particular, it is intended to introduce a new mechanism for active involvement of the full members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in research and education, and manufacturing processes, to strengthen their role in the deepening of the integration of science, education and industry, as well as training of qualified personnel. To this end, there will be created necessary conditions for them in the scientific-educational institutions and industrial enterprises of the republic.

Moreover, there is to develop and approve the statute of the Academy of Sciences in new edition which will be based on current innovations.

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