Best masters in the “Eternal City”

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May 27, 2022

Best masters in the “Eternal City”

The Eternal City complex, organized at Samarkand Tourism Center, has become a kind of place where tourists can become acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of our people.

The Eternal City has summer and winter restaurants built in the ancient style, the Chorsu market offering fresh and dry fruits, oriental sweets, Samarkand “non” (bread). More than 50 workshops for artisans will be organized.

“More than 500 craftsmen in 10 areas are building according to the method of the Samarkand school in the Eternal City complex”, says the Head of Samarkand Regional Association “Usto” Jurakul Inoyatov. “Woodcarvers, metal chasers, and masons work here. They use majolica decorations, which have not been used for almost 35 years. It is noteworthy that the most famous artisans of our country organize their workshops in this complex. The handicraft workshops offer an opportunity for tourists to take part in the process of making products”.