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January 29, 2017



A resident of Bunyod mahalla of Samarkand city Hurshida Burkhonova experienced at first hand how the ideas of ​​the Year of Dialogue with People and Human Interests are being put into practice.

A few days ago members of the working group fr om among representatives of public organizations came to her home, talked to her, learned about the unsolved problems. Hurshida said that for a long time she cannot place two grandchildren in preschool educational institution, and this adversely affects the employment of members of her family.

– Thanks to the unionists from the capital our kids finally placed to kindergarten number 63, H. Burkhonova shares her joy.

Her 67-year-old neighbor Yusufjon Abdurahmonov due to financial difficulties could not undergo re-surgery. Members of the working group, who have visited a veteran, not postponing it, appealed to the city medical association, wh ere the responsible persons having inquired into the heart of the situation quickly solved the problem promptly.

According to the results of the working group’s activity, which acted in Samarkand region for several days, many such examples can be provided. They show the level of efficiency of a three-day seminar on “Enhancing the role of NGOs in reaching tasks of the Year of Dialogue with People and Human Interests” organized by the Federation of Trade Unions.

It was attended by leaders and senior officials of sectoral and regional trade union organizations, a number of such state and public organizations, as the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, the Fund “Nuroniy”, “Mahalla”, “Kamolot”. During the seminar working groups uniting more than 100 people from among its members were made up. Each of them was given handouts, questionnaires and graphic plans detailing the order of studying the various issues.

Activists have studied the problem of Samarkand’s people, the conditions of their life, financial status, social, moral and spiritual environment in the communities and families, the level of employment of the local population. They visited about 1,200 families in the small town Farhod in Samarkand and mahalla gathering of citizens “Muminkhuja” of Kattakurgan district. During the meetings with the people the issues of education of children, improvement of conditions of life and labor, advancement of well-being of families, elimination of existing shortcomings were discussed.

They also learned and summarized the views of people on the work of local healthcare facilities, educational level, self-government activities, banking institutions, market infrastructure and consumer services. Special attention was paid to the needs of persons in need of social support, families, who lost their bread-winner, people with disabilities and lonely ones.

Thus some disadvantages were revealed. Local residents said that in the village Zotkhon it is necessary to install an additional transformer, asphalt internal roads, and preschool educational establishment №4 needs to be completely rebuilt in accordance with modern requirements.

In the suburbs of Samarkand – Farhod small town – it is necessary to improve the supply of drinking water and night-time lighting of the township. Locals also told that they have to travel eight kilometers to get to the clinic and get an appointment with a doctor. It was also found that the local playground for a long time has been in need of repair, as, indeed, the internal roads of the township, besides there is no regular bus traffic to Samarkand.

As a result of making rounds of houses and conversations with residents revealed negative facts were promptly presented to the decision-makers, their planned decision was set within the shortest possible time.

Summing up the seminar, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan Kudratilla Rafikov noted that the implementation of the tasks defined by the Head of State on establishment of open dialogue with the people, should be the basic meaning of activity of not only state, but also non-governmental organizations. The feasibility of extending this experience across the country was especially emphasized.

In this regard, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Women’s Committee, funds “Nuroniy”, “Mahalla” and “Kamolot” signed a Memorandum of cooperation in this field.