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January 3, 2017



The manufactures of construction materials and equipment, as well as related transportation agencies were exempt from value added tax, single tax and mandatory contributions to the state target funds that are comprised from sales and transportation of construction materials and equipment.

Next year, it is planned to build 15,000 standard design houses of three types. They will be two- and three-storey apartment houses with a backhouse and landscaped courtyard (first type), single-storey two- and three-room houses on two ares mainly in densely populated areas (second type), and two-storey four-room semi-detached houses on four ares (a third type).

The new houses will be provided with all the relevant infrastructure – more than 260 km of roads, 316 km of gas and 290 km of electrical networks, over 415 km of water networks, as well as standard social facilities.

The mortgage will be issued for 15 years with a three-year grace period and an interest rate of 7% during the first five years. In subsequent years, the interest rate will not exceed the current refinancing rate of the Central Bank. The initial payment for houses will be 15%.

Qishloq Qurilish Invest is currently working on the selection of contractors for the construction of houses in the coming year. Meanwhile, the first pilot houses of new design are being commissioned these days all over the country. It is planned to complete the construction of 546 houses of the first and second type by January 1, 2017.