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January 23, 2017



Heated discussion continues on our portal on Facebook about the Ministry of Healthcare considering the possibility of setting up branches of foreign clinics in our country.

The publication says: “Every year around 40 thousand Uzbek citizens go abroad for treatment. To improve the quality of services for the people, their protection and advancement of medicine in Uzbekistan, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed to create branches of leading foreign clinics in Uzbekistan.”

The head of state touched this issue at a meeting with doctors on January 5, 2017. Leading clinics of Russia, Korea, Germany, India and other countries are considered as the main partners in the creation of new high-tech medical centers. It should be noted that to date, some of them have already established a close relationship in which internships have been organized for specialists of our leading clinics, and foreign doctors come to Uzbekistan for master-classes and carry out examinations of patients and surgeon’s show cases here. Establishment of branches of clinics will serve for more productive collaboration of these health centers.

In general, users of social networks positively accepted this initiative. Quite a few comments as “good job”, “finally”, “good news” can be found among others.

However, there are other views on which are to be considered. In particular, Rano Todjiboy Qizi wrote: “In 2013 she has been to Novosibirsk Research Institute named after Meshalkin. There our guys – surgeons Akmal Yakubov and Sardor Ibragimov successfully perform surgery in the department of coronary heart disease and arrhythmia. Bоth are graduates of Tashkent medical institutes. It is necessary to return them home.” Dilfuza Abdullayeva also supports this opinion who drew attention: “Our doctors have golden hands and diamond brains, it would be enough to give them operating conditions and equipment, in other case they fill patients’ questionnaires and cards. Why do we open branches, we should send them abroad for an internship, and then let them practice here. The law should be adopted on the eco and transplantation.”

Shahlo Azizova’s opinion completes the “picture” who also believes that our clinics have a good potential, there is only need to solve topical issues. In her opinion, if we deliver the medical care of patients to proper level, the quality of service will rise significantly.

It is logical that the Ministry of Health is necessary to listen to all parties expressing an opinion on the matter.