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May 27, 2015

Briefing in the US


Briefing_US1The Embassy of our country in Washington with representatives of political, business and academic circles in the US held a briefing “Presidential elections in Uzbekistan: American observers’ estimates”.

The audience was presented the detailed information about the electoral process in the country, as well as statistics of the elections.

As noted in the event, evidence of democracy and transparency of the election campaign was the participation of a large number of observers from different countries of the world and international organizations.

The participants of the briefing made by American experts to monitor the elections in Uzbekistan.

So, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sciences at the American University environment M.Brodi noted the high level of organization of an important event, and steady progress in Uzbekistan in improving the electoral system.

Senior Researcher, Institute of Central Asia and Caucasus at Johns Hopkins University A.Kazi focused on increasing the level of political culture and social consciousness of the population of the republic, as evidenced by the high voter turnout in the elections.

Eurasia program director at the Institute for Global Engagement M.Barnett appreciated by at polling stations extras. In particular, thanks to mother and child room children had the opportunity to be supervised while their parents exercise their right to express his will.

As part of the question and answer session, the participants were interested in the practice of the presidential candidates have equal access to the media for campaigning, the procedure to ensure the right to vote of citizens of the Republic who are abroad, the Uzbek government’s efforts to further expand the voting rights.

Following the event, some US experts shared their views and opinions in an interview Agency “Jahon”.

Director of the Office of Congressman Daniel B.Boyl Lodis:

– In the course of this briefing with the participation of American observers in the presidential election in Uzbekistan, we received detailed information about the electoral process and the results of voting.

I formed the opinion that the electoral system in Uzbekistan and the United States are similar to each other.

We maintain frequent such events, which are important in terms of bringing to the American political circles of the results in your country scale transformations. Our office, for its part, is ready to assist in the further deepening of bilateral relations, including inter-parliamentary relations.

Vice-President of the Eurasian Business Coalition Ralph Winnie:

– For me a great pleasure to attend this event. I was especially interested to learn in detail about the electoral process, the experience of Uzbekistan in the elections.

The results of the popular vote suggests that the vast majority of the population supports the current domestic policy pursued by the country.

I am sure that the elections contribute to a stable environment in Uzbekistan, the continuation of political and socio-economic reforms and achieve new successes in the future development.

National Defense University professor Brianna Todd:

– For researchers studying Central Asia, it is always interesting and important to obtain first-hand information. Today, we got acquainted with the experiences of three American observers of the electoral process in Uzbekistan.

Presidential elections were nice and peaceful.