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December 12, 2016



What the exposition of the jubilee, 10th Republican Fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects, planned to be held in spring 2017, is going to be like? Theoretically, specialists of the executive office of the Committee for coordination of development of science and technology are well aware about the overall picture. But to reach full clarity however, they will have to process all received applications.  

The principal scientific agency of the country has completed acceptance of applications from scientific-research organizations and design bureaus willing to take part with their developments in the next fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects. They will yet to process the entire quantity of applications received: only every third development will, as usual, be placed on stands, according to specialists. Those who have not yet taken part at the exhibition up until now, as well as models that are in most demand with the sectors of economy will have an advantage. Overall, about 1500 applications have been submitted so far.

Plenty of scrupulous work is awaiting ahead the experts on the formation of exposition, selection of breakthrough developments, preparation and publication of the Fair catalog.

Priority will be given to energy and resource-saving and such other technologies, which are in demand with small businesses and private entrepreneurship, commented on the head of the executive office of the Committee for coordination of development of science and technologies.

The upcoming Fair will continue to present developments of domestic researchers in the field of utilization of renewable sources of energy. All types of solar batteries, wind generators and structures will be widely represented in the exposition of the exhibition.

The section allocated to rural economy is planned to be rather large. There are many interesting agricultural technologies based on intensive technologies, as well as quick ripening and high yielding varieties of crops among those proposed for demonstration at the exhibition. Also submitted for display are a large number of advanced technologies, which provide farmers an opportunity to feel confident in conditions of scarce irrigation water supply.

As always, doctors tried hard: there is so much to choose from among their applications – a large number of innovative medical technologies and new import-substituting products are planned to be presented at the Fair.