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August 8, 2017


Uzbekistan possesses thousands of historical and cultural monuments. Several cultural sites in Bukhara region are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This was especially noted at the conference held with the participation of tourists from Indonesia and Malaysia in the memorial complex of Bahauddin Naqshband. The event, organized by the State Committee for Tourism Development and the regional office of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, was devoted to the presentation of tourism potential of Bukhara.

It stressed that Bukhara land, known throughout the world for its ancient monuments, has ample opportunities for pilgrimage tourism. Cooperation with foreign partners plays an important role in its development.

The participants of the conference visited the grave of Bahauddin Naqshband.

“Indonesia is very familiar with the great muhaddis Imam Al Bukhari,” says tourist Askhari Nuriddin from Indonesia. “Bоth in Malaysia and Indonesia, the teaching of Naqshband is widely spread, the values ​​of which are beauty of the soul, spiritual perfection, honesty, and it has many followers. Having visited the grave of the great Bahauddin Naqshband, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of Islamic culture, we were convinced that it is well-organized and beautified, and many people visit it.”

Foreign pilgrims also visited Poyi Kalon Complex, and Kalon Mosque, which is part of it. An indelible impression on the guests was made by the history of the cathedral mosque, which accommodates 10 thousand people, architectural structures, and conditions created for those praying.

The guests also got acquainted with Ismoil Somoniy Mausoleum, Labi-Hovuz Complex, the ancient Ark fortress, the Sitorai Mohi Hosa Museum of Applied Art, samples of calligraphic art and national craftsmanship.

“I have traveled to many countries of the East, but I have never seen such hospitality anywhere,” says architect Zaytun Muhammad Noh from Malaysia. “This is my fourth visit to Uzbekistan. Every time I discover here something new. All the ancient cities of this country are beautiful in their own way. However, Bukhara is unique. Here you not only get vivid impressions, but you also find peace and tranquility. Each memorial complex is distinctive and each pattern is unique and hides a deep philosophical meaning. They have some charm that can not be expressed in words. They demonstrate the great creative potential of the Uzbek people.”

Among foreign guests there were also representatives of travel agencies and companies. They exchanged views with Uzbek colleagues on joint development of pilgrimage tourism.

According to Mr. Temirkhodjaev, the head of the main department of the State Committee for Tourism Development, the committee will pay special attention to the development of pilgrimage tourism in the framework of strengthening ties with other countries.