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January 27, 2016

Carousel of our life 


The Art Gallery of Uzbekistan has opened an exhibition of Inna Sandler’s works, which was called “Dada” by her. Opening day was some kind of artist’s original report of her creative journey to Paris.

Every year, the International Center for the Arts in Paris welcomes artists from around the world in its workshops. The program gives artists, actors and musicians the opportunity to express themselves, find new sources of inspiration. The artists from Uzbekistan have been involved many times in this project.

Inna Sandler’s talent is multifaceted, she finds herself in easel painting, book illustration and design, constantly seeking and experimenting. The exhibition includes some thirty works, created by the artist in Paris. New impressions, atmosphere, emotions have led to radical changes in her work. The work reveals multifaceted and unique inner world of the author, passed shades of feelings, thoughts and experiences.

The exhibition’s basis is her works from realistic to abstract paintings that reveal the theme. Graphic works-sketches, presented at the exhibition and made on the streets of Paris, quietly immerse the viewer in a unique atmosphere of creativity.

The exhibition will run until February 22.